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Rush's Morning Update: Dem War

For decades now, the Democrat Party has been engaged in a war – with reality. Everybody connected to reality understands that unless Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid undergo major reforms, they will be bankrupt – and will bankrupt the country. That's reality.

Add to that, the Democrats' "War on Poverty," which is still going on. Under the guise of compassion – of lifting up the less fortunate – the U.S. government has spent trillions of dollars in welfare redistribution – which has cost society much more than just wasted money. Food stamps, health care for uninsured children, subsidies for single parents, extended unemployment benefits, business loans, college grants, college loans, volumes of grants for everything under the sun – including broadcasters, performance artists, grants to retrain workers who were never trained in the first place. The list is endless.

Those who demand we "means test," or bring scrutiny to the billions of dollars flowing out of Washington, are demonized – their called heartless, bigoted, or worse.

The reality is, this government – our government – does not have the trillions of dollars Obama and the Democrats have spent these past two and a half years. We didn't have the money to spend on LBJ's "Great Society," or on FDR's Social Security.

So now, this decades-old war that Democrats have been waging on the American taxpayer, and on reality, is coming to a head. We cannot endlessly spend ... what we don't have. That's reality. And the day is finally here – when even Democrats have to face it!


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