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Wednesday Quotes: "Resist We Much!"

"What's yours is theirs. That's liberalism."

"I am probably, as ironic as this is, Al Sharpton's best friend. I have now, ladies and gentlemen, guaranteed -- guaranteed -- that people in droves will now tune in to Sharpton's show on MSNBC just to watch him screw up."

"The UK has guaranteed income, open-ended unemployment benefits. You can lose your job at age 20 and still be paid unemployment at age 60."

"The world was told that France is a better credit risk than we are, and we got TV networks running crawls saying, 'Dow surrenders!' The French a better credit risk than we are, and we are surrendering?"

"The federal government under Obama is exercising power to undo what America stands up for."

"The importance of private property to our way of life -- to freedom -- to our Founding Fathers was important as the freedom of speech and other things."

"Nations do decline, countries do decline. It's happened before, and it's happening all around us. It just isn't necessary."

"We've got the Wisconsin recall elections. The Republicans held the Senate, four out of six seats. The Democrats are claiming voter fraud. By the way, how could it happen without me, El Rushbo, even talking about it?"

"A family of $21,700 income spends $38,000, adds $16,000 of debt on their credit card to a balance already at $142,000 and decided to 'get serious' so they cut spending $385. That's what we just did. Except we did it with trillions instead of hundreds and thousands."

"I'm all for looking for silver linings, but if they're not there, it's far more dangerous to misdiagnose the nature of things than not. What is occurring in America today is un-American."

"You know, folks, I'm having trouble recalling the time in my life where no matter who I get together with the subject always ends up being how frightened people really are for the country."

"Liberalism's quiet message is that whatever is theirs is really yours. That's what people are taught."

"We ought to be able to roll back Obamacare. In fact we ought to be able to roll back everything Obama has given us over the last two and a half years. We should be able to roll back the whole Democrat agenda for the last 65 years."

"There are people genuinely afraid of future of the country, for the future of the country. Not the future of the Republican Party or what's gonna happen in the next election, but the future of the country."

"The very system that was to protect us has become the threat, and I do not understand how there are people that don't see that."

"Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia to the black teenagers of Philadelphia. If he's not careful they might, in fact, start calling him a Republican. Except that he's a close buddy of Obama's."

"Legislation is not made with 14 members of Congress meeting in secret in the Oval Office. That's how we ended up with the debt deal. We got secret meetings that Republicans were not even permitted to be part of and gave us Obamacare."

"The only thing the Democrats care about is to just say enough every four years to make sure these same 'feral humans' keep voting for them on the same false promises. It's all they care about. They don't care what actual circumstances people's lives end up being."

"You know, on this movie that Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal are doing for Obama in the campaign, is that gonna be a campaign contribution?"

"They told Bush you couldn't use 9/11. That was official. He could not use 9/11 in the campaign. Who are they gonna go get to direct this thing, Leni Riefenstahl?"

"Union jobs are the only jobs Obama cares about. Union jobs pay dues. They end up back in his campaign coffers, the campaign coffers of other Democrats."


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