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Liberals: Rush Limbaugh Won Debate

ZIMMERMAN:  Rush Limbaugh.  He cut right to it.  Here you had a panel of fairly -- I mean, in fairness, people who have had accomplished personal lives; they're all fairly literate people. Yet they still stood with the extreme fringe and were captivated by them, supporting a position only 10 or 15% of the electorate support.  For example, the ten-to-one ratio. Not even supporting cuts ten-to-one over raising revenues (buzzer sounds) a position that's out of the mainstream.

Rush's Quick Hits

On the Rushwire: It's Way too Early, But: NY Disapproves of Obama ... Appeals Court Strikes Down Obamacare Mandate ... Bam Floats Plan to Become National Landlord ... Jay Carney Bashed Bush Vacation, Photo-Ops ...

People Do Not Want Compromise

RUSH:  The public does not want compromise.  That is the biggest misnomer. A majority of Americans, I don't think it's any question about it, now wants Obama defeated. They don't want him compromised with and they don't want any more of Obama's ideas and they don't want any more tax increases.

Rush's Morning Update: Systemic

RUSH: Talk about freebies. The Chicago Tribune reported that hundreds of Chicago State University students got financial aid, even though their grades were so low they should have been disqualified from attending the university.

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Dow Fallout || Obama to Tour Destruction || Gov. Perry to Jump into Race


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