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Uglo-American Affirmative Action

RUSH: Many of you in Kansas City and in Sacramento will remember that one of the things I did as a highly trained broadcast specialist that established me as a great thinker was a commentary entitled, "Ban the ugly." I first did this on radio station KMBZ, to much consternation, and then ultimate praise when people figured it out. Ban the ugly from the streets in the daytime so as to speed up the economic recovery.

Powell Won't Abandon Obama

POWELL: My head isn't exploding and I haven't noticed any other head's exploding in Washington, DC. And the explosive part of the book is when Mr. Cheney says it's explosive but what I have read in the newspapers and seen on television, it's essentially a rehash of the events of seven or eight years ago. What really sort of got my attention was this way in which he characterized it, "It's going to cause heads to explode." That's quite a visual and, in fact, the kind of headline I would expect to come out of a gossip columnist, or the kind of headline you might see one of the supermarket tabloids write. It's not the kind of headline I would have expected to come from a former Vice President of the United States of America.

We Can and Must Oppose Obama with Open, Honest Conservatism

RUSH ARCHIVE: Of course we're told that because that's the way to get us to act like sheep and go along with --

SHATNER: Well, but how do you know that? You know, the sum total of what I want to ask you politically is, how do you know?

RUSH ARCHIVE: It's my job; it's my life; it's my career; it's my passion. I've studied this stuff. I want the best country we can have, and this is not the way to get it. We're going backwards.

White Guilt Propelled Obama in '08 and They Want to Gin It Up Again

RUSH: An AP-GfK poll: "Obama Faces Trouble with Key Voters -- Whites and Women..." It's an AP story, by the way. "Whites and women are a re-election problem for President Barack Obama. Younger voters and liberals, too, but to a lesser extent. All are important Democratic constituencies that helped him win the White House in 2008 and whose support he'll need to keep it next year. An analysis of Associated Press-GfK polls, including the latest survey released last week, shows that Obama has lost ground among all those groups since he took office. ... The nation's high unemployment is weighing on Obama, dragging down his marks for handling the economy."


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