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It's Time Democrats Pay Their Fair Share for the Mess They Created

RUSH: Obama wants to punish people who make too much money. Why is punishing people who make too much money fair and punishing people who voted Democrat somehow, "I don't know, Rush. That kind of makes me nervous"? Well, I'm making a point here. Using taxes to punish people can never be fair, but it's a constant of the Democrat Party. Class envy is something they own, exclusively.

Another Offensive Obama Speech: The Warren Buffett Tax Hike Plan

RUSH: You know, Warren, would you pay your secretary a little bit more instead of us sitting here having to hear how she pays a higher tax rate than you do?  Why don't you just give her a raise, Mr. Buffett?  For crying out loud, what are we talking about here?  Here's a guy, a trillionaire, who is running around talking about how his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does, which isn't actually true.