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A Reformed Liberal Comes Home


RUSH: Sean in Cross Plains, West Virginia.  Hi.  I have about a minute but I wanted to get to you.

CALLER:  Good afternoon.  Thanks for taking my call.  First I want to apologize, Rush.  In the past years I've probably disparaged you, never met you, and I realize I'm growing up and maturing.  I'm 45, grew up in West Virginia where it's very Democratic.  You're kind of from birth to death a Democrat if that's the way your family has voted.  I have enlightened myself.  I have come to find out that Carter sold us out with a zero-growth policy, Clinton is the biggest socialist we've ever had with the NAFTA treaty, the GATT treaty being passed, and Obama's conditioning these oppressive policies.  You mentioned education.  One of the greatest things I've ever had a chance to be a part of is the great Constitution of the United States, which was just celebrated, September 17th, 1787, was the date we signed that document, which ensured our freedom if we're --

RUSH:  Let me ask you a question.  Did becoming educated in the Constitution, was that a factor in your conversion?

CALLER:  That and just actually continuing to hear all sides of the spectrum and not allowing just my family past voting history to influence my --

RUSH:  Well, regardless how it happened, welcome home.  Welcome home.  We're ecstatic to have you.  It's permanent because you did it on your own, so we're glad to have you.  I'm ecstatic we got your call. 


RUSH:  That last caller that we had from West Virginia, as I've always said here, folks, an informed citizen is a Democrat's worst nightmare, and this guy did it on his own, and I'll bet you the Constitution was a relevant factor in helping him. 



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