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America's Problem is Democrats


RUSH: This is not that complicated. My only point is what does raising taxes on anybody have to do with controlling the federal government? You want the federal government to pay more military pensions. Fine. Laudable cause. Okay, so we raise taxes on the rich. Fine. What does that have to do with it? Do you think Obama is gonna spend money on military pensions with increased tax revenue? Do you think that's what he'll do? Folks, it's not about "raising revenue." It's who is managing and controlling the federal government, and I'm telling you: As long as representatives of liberalism, the American left, the Democrat Party are running the government, it's going to be mismanaged.

It's going to be a mess, it's gonna be a debacle, and the private sector is always going to be under assault -- and your chances of having your taxes reduced, having the private sector grow so that there is more job opportunity is nil. It's just that simple. It really isn't any more complicated than that. There's plenty of tax revenue to fund the military; it's a choice! We're not undertaxed as a people or as a country. Our problem is who's in charge, very simply. Look at this from the Miami Herald today: "A giant, semi-submersible oil rig en route from Singapore will probably be drilling in the Florida Straits between Key West and Cuba in mid-December. The rig could arrive earlier, but Repsol, the Spanish oil company, wants to wait until after hurricane season ends before it begins drilling," which is December 1st.

"This latest report on the progress of the Italian-made Scarabeo 9 oil rig comes from Lee Hunt, the chief executive of the International Association of Drilling Contractors, who just returned from a trip to Cuba last week as part of a joint delegation with the environmental group, the Environmental Defense Fund. Hunt also said that Repsol plans on having one well drilled by the end of the year." So look at Key West, guess what? There are going to be oil rigs out there. You probably won't see them, they'll be over the horizon, but they're gonna be close enough to you you're not gonna like it, except they're not gonna be ours. It's a joint effort between Cuba and Mexico to drill oil while we are under a drilling moratorium, slapped on this country by "Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!"

By the way, when it comes to the subject of military pensions, remember we've got this super committee that's part of the debt-raising deal. The super committee is six Democrats, six Republicans; Chuck Schumer's running the Democrat side of this, and the whole point of this super committee is Democrats want to set the tax-cutters against the supporters of the military. That's the sole purpose of the super committee, and I'm sure that is what this guy has heard and he's falling prey to the propaganda in the media about this. The Democrats in the media are out there saying, "Well, if the Republicans and super committee prevail and there's no tax increases here, then the military isn't gonna get their pensions!" It's no different than your local mayor telling you that if you don't raise your property taxes or whatever, he's gonna have to cut firemen and teachers.

It's no different. It's the same bunch of lies, as though there's nowhere else to cut but military pensions. So what the Democrats want to make the Republicans do is choose between lowering taxes or cutting the Department of Defense, defense budget cuts -- and this was easy to see from the get-go, because that's part of the deal that was made: $500 billion in cuts to the defense budget or some such thing over a period of years is what will happen if the super committee doesn't come to an agreement on some other way to cut spending. You can raise taxes all day long, it's not gonna matter, folks. Nothing is gonna change significantly until the Democrats are not in charge of Congress -- or until the Democrats can't stop something in Congress. It really is no more complicated than that.


RUSH:  You want to hear how heavy the White House is
with their propaganda?  This is a tweet just a few minutes ago from Jay Carney,
the White House press spokesperson.  This is the tweet.  "Speaker Boehner once
put revenues on the table.  Now he says no way.  Which means House Republicans
are back to insisting we should slash education."  Now, does that sound like a
disconnect?  'Cause it is.  "Speaker Boehner once put revenues on the table. 
Now he says no way.  Which means House Republicans are back to insisting we
should slash education."  Now, federal government is going to spend nearly $4
trillion this fiscal year.  Four trillion.  But if we don't raise taxes we're
gonna have to cut education spending. 
I'm telling you, folks, this is a
pure problem of who is in charge.  Speaker Boehner said not a word about cutting
education.  Although, were I in charge, it would be one of the first places we
cut.  Everybody says, "Well, where you gonna cut, Rush?  For crying out loud,
entitlements are entitlements, where you gonna cut, Rush?"  Education.  We are
wasting so much money in education.  We're not getting anything for it.  Our
problems with education have not a thing to do with what we're spending on it. 
Our problems in education are who's running it, pure and simple, from the
curriculum to the fact that liberals in support of teachers unions are insisting
that dilapidated, worn-out schools remain. 
What's happening in
education, folks, is in a political sense nearly criminal, the irresponsibility,
the lack of real learning that's taking place, meaningful, helpful learning.  I
don't know where these federal job training centers are but I'd shut down every
damned one of them.  Damn straight.  Why do we have a school system if we're
gonna have job training centers?  One of the two ought not be necessary.  We
either stick with the job training centers and get rid of school, or we get rid
of the job training centers. What the hell is a school education for if it's not
to get a job?  Why should anybody graduate that can't read?  You people ask,
"Where would you cut?"  My God, right there.  There's so much, not just waste
and fraud, there's so much being spent on destructive BS.  Wipe it out.  It's
being totally, entirely wasted, and its purpose is not for any good,
particularly for the supposed recipients of all the spending. 



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