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Hillary for President? No Way!


RUSH: This is Scott in Los Angeles. Scott, I'm glad you called.  Great to have you here, sir.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush.  Hey, I'm kind of afraid that we're falling for another liberal trap here, and this has to do with Obama stepping aside and Hillary running.  Now, there's several things.  I think that, like we've said, Hillary would have been a better leader, okay, and I think that that's because she would have failed, like you said you wish that Obama had failed.  Unfortunately he has succeeded, he passed Hillary Care with the name of Obamacare. Hillary is a progressive from the 1930s as she said and Barack Obama has come out and pushed forward all of her progressive programs either through fiat, through the czars, through regulation, and now Hillary can't run against Obama, but if Obama steps down we have guys like you and a bunch of other Republicans saying, "Well, Hillary would have been a better leader and --"

RUSH:  Whoa!  Wait a minute.

CALLER:  And then Obama steps aside and says to his constituents, "I endorse Hillary," so all the black vote goes to Hillary, the independents who left Obama, they wanted Hillary, Hillary was their choice, but when Hillary lost the primary, they voted for Barack.  My brother is one of these.  Right now he would not vote for Barack Obama, but if they put Hillary back and Barack goes, "Hillary's the choice," all the Republicans have said she's a better leader because she would not have been able to get health care passed, so they're using endorsement clips of Rush Limbaugh saying Hillary would have been a better leader and my brother, who left the Democrat Party --

RUSH:  Wait just a second.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  Where is this sound bite of me saying Hillary would have been a better leader?  I have not once in discussing this, I have not once hoped that Hillary Clinton becomes president.  I do not have any desire for Hillary Clinton to become president.

CALLER:  Neither do I.

RUSH:  I'm just suggesting to you here, whether we're being played or not, these people can't play me.  I know them better than they know themselves.  What I know is they will do anything to save liberalism now.  If they've gotta throw Obama overboard, then that's what they'll do.  And if they think Hillary can save it, then they'll try to install her.  But I'm not for that.  I don't know where that got started.

CALLER:  I don't know.  I thought I had heard you say something -- you know what, it might just be that --

RUSH:  Neither of them are good leaders.  They're both a disaster waiting to happen.

CALLER:  I one hundred percent agree with you.

RUSH:  All right then.

CALLER:  But I'm afraid that there are some Republican people who have said that Hillary would have been a better president, and to me it's like the liberal trick.  The two of them disappeared during the primary.  I think they came out and they said, look, we're gonna run a plan, and I think right now what we're seeing is Barack Obama is now to go out and destroy his presidency.  He can pass bad legislation, he is to say bad things --

RUSH:  There are so many possibilities here.  One of them is that all they're doing is trying to rile Obama up and get him to go start making speeches like he made yesterday, rather than acting like a whipped puppy.  Who knows what's going on, other than they're trying to save liberalism.  But you're trying to make it sound like there are Republicans out there who don't think there's a chance to win in 2012.  I don't know who they are, but I'm not among them.  This is not, to me, an effort to get rid of Obama and replace him with Hillary.  The effort here is to get rid of Obama and to replace him with one of us.  The fact that they may be trying to get rid of him internally for reasons of their own is simply what I'm talking about, but not that I prefer one or the other to be our president because they're both Alinskyites, I don't want either one of them. 

Where in Sam Hill did this get started?  Well, Operation Chaos is two years old, and Operation Chaos was to keep chaos alive in the Democrat Party.  I'm thinking maybe, you know, Operation Chaos, we've done Operation Chaos II.  This would be Operation Chaos 2-HD, we would call it, and that would be to save Obama.  If I were gonna do anything, save Obama.  When your opponent's committing suicide you get out of the way.  You don't bring in Mariano Rivera, or you don't help 'em bring in the save ace.  I'm glad you gave me a chance to correct whatever misunderstanding is about that.  I am supporting Hillary Clinton, for crying out loud, to be president of the United States?  That's not even what Operation Chaos was about.



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