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Obama's Not Interested in Jobs, He's Just Trying to Gin Up His Base


RUSH: Now, of course this is not a jobs bill, and I think even that is starting to resonate. Obama's speech Thursday before a joint session, what he said yesterday in the Rose Garden, none of this is about jobs. It cannot and will not create jobs. Even if it were passed and signed into law, it wouldn't create one job; it would destroy them. This is not a jobs bill. This was a campaign philosophical, policy, position, what have you -- and, you know, Mike I'm gonna throw away what I told you on the sound bites. I'm gonna find some stuff here because it just confirms what I have said. Let's grab audio sound bite number six. This is not a jobs bill. This is a campaign speech staking out a campaign position. What did I say yesterday?

What I said was that Obama has lost independents, and before he can even dare worry about getting them back, he's got to shore up his base. His base is livid. His base thinks that he has whimpered out. His base thinks that he doesn't have what it takes. His base is on the brink of deserting him. They all want Hillary, folks. The media wants Hillary, the New York Times wants Hillary, the Chicago Tribune wants Hillary. That's what this is all about: They all want Hillary. Bill Clinton wants Hillary back (in the White House). Twenty years ago -- and I've been doing this show for 23 years, and I knew then what I know now.

How many times have I said to you over these past 20 years that 20 years ago, 25 years ago, most everybody believed what Obama believes today? Twenty, 25 years ago that speech that Obama gave yesterday, we wouldn't stand a chance because everybody believed it. Everybody believed that every rich person was a Republican. Everybody believed that the rich Republicans didn't care about the poor. Everybody believed that rich Republicans only cared about saving business. Everybody believed it. They believed it all. I'll never forget my speech at GOPAC, making a joke about my mother and getting my mother a new can opener to eat the dog food.

Pat Schroeder, congresswoman from Colorado, believed it! Wasn't that long ago that that speech and everything Obama said, everybody believed it. Now, in his first book, autobiography, Dreams from My Father, Obama said that he is a child of the sixties. He is stuck in the 1960s, and whoever educated him and informed him on Saul Alinsky and I think that list of people is long. It's Frank Marshall Davis, it's his father, it's all the professors at Harvard and Columbia, Jeremiah Wright. He's had a lot of people enforce and tell him that the sixties, that's where it's at; that's where the future of the country is.

He's stuck there. He's stuck in the sixties. We think of Obama as a young guy, but he's not. There nothing at all new about this guy. This guy is a radical at heart. He wasn't live and doing this stuff, but he envies it. One of his biggest regrets is he wasn't alive in the sixties and joining all those protest groups. But that's where his heart is. His ideas go way back to the radicals of 1960s and the 1930s. That's actually in his second book, The Audacity of Hope. "I've always felt a curious relationship with the sixties. In a sense I'm a pure product of that era. As the child of a mixed marriage, my life would have been impossible, my opportunities entirely foreclosed without the social upheavals that were taking place."

So this guy is not new, and he's not young. He's stuck in the 1960s and it wasn't that long ago that (as I say) everybody, when he gave a speech like that, everybody be applauding and we would be up against it, and we would be facing a real uphill climb. But it's not the case anymore. All these people now have buyer's remorse and they want Hillary. Except members of his cult fringe base are just beyond excited, over the top, can barely contain themselves. Last night on PMSNBC's The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell had former labor secretary Robert Reich. Folks, he has not been this happy since they lowered the height requirements on the rides at Wally World. Listen to this.

REICH: (speaking loudly and rapidly) This is a new Barack Obama! This is a feisty president who is in an election year contest right now! The big battle to come is over whether we increase taxes on the wealthy -- and it's a battle that not only Americans are siding with the president on, but it's a moral battle as well! The top 1% are now taking home 20% -- more than 20% -- of total income. The more and a larger portion than they've taken home in 90 years! And they're facing lower taxes and lower tax rates than they faced in 50 years, and what the president is saying is Americans are on their backs; and most Americans are either jobless or afraid of losing their jobs or their wages are going down. They can't make ends meet -- and you at the top, you have got to play your part.! Enough of this! And I think most Americans say yes!
RUSH: He's ecstatic! He is excited! He could barely contain himself!

He's not right about anything that he said, by the way. Most Americans are jobless or afraid of losing their jobs because of Obama and his policies. Obama has never introduced a real jobs bill. This is not a real jobs bill. This bill would only punish people who work. This bill would act as a disincentive for anybody to try to improve themselves. There would be no point to it if everything he wants were to become law. But now as I say, the vast majority of people now recognize all this for what it is: Gunk. It's lies. This is a tax bill. It's nothing more than a wet dream tax bill. This is a 1960s wet dream tax bill. This is what happens after the successful bombing of the Pentagon. The establishment gives in, gives up, you take over, and you wipe 'em out. That's the dream. Obamacare is not about health care! Obamacare is a tax bill. All Obama has done is introduce tax bills or spending bills. Nothing else. Here's Jimmy Hoffa. You think this isn't class warfare? He's ready to enforce Obama's new tax rates. We can't let these rich SOBs escape. That's what Jimmy Hoffa said. He was also on MSNBC last night.

HOFFA: We can't let anybody ex-scape (sic). We can't let people come here like General Electric and make billions of dollars, and they actually got a rebate back! Can you believe that? They got, uh, a $320 million rebate after they didn't pay any taxes. So we realize that's not right. Basically this idea of somebody paying 15% -- these billionaires and millionaires paying 15% -- while working people paying 30%, that is wrong, and that's gonna be the issue, and finally the president is speaking up, and I applaud him for what he's doing.

RUSH: Yeah? Well, you're a generation too late because now nobody believes it. Working people are not paying 30%. Working people are paying 15 to 20%. Millionaires are not paying 15%. They're paying 29 to 30%. They're paying 15% on capital gains after it's been held for a year, but that money has already been taxed as income at the 35% rate before it ever was invested. Capital gains is double taxation. Unions are tax exempt! Unions don't pay any taxes, but here's Hoffa -- and, by the way, Mr. Hoffa, you cite General Electric. Who is it that's in bed with GE and vice-versa? It's Obama! Who is it running Obama's jobs commission? The CEO of GE! Who's moving jobs to China?

Here's Michael Moore also on MSNBC last night.  He was ecstatic.

MOORE:  I felt instantly better.  See, it oesn't take much for me.  That's another good thing about liberals, that's just how easy we are, just a little -- you referenced us as being treated sometimes by the mainstream media as extraterrestrials.  Well, you put a few of those Reece's Pieces out in front of us and we've got a whole bag of Reece's Pieces today.

RUSH:  Yeah, they love the thought that somebody might get killed.  They love the fact that somebody might have it all taken away from 'em.  That's how they heard it.  These guys, Hoffa, Robert B. Reich, Michael Moore, what they heard yesterday was that Obama's gonna take all wealth away from these evil, mean rich people.  That has been their dream for I can't tell you how long, and they heard it yesterday, and they thought that that's what Obama really meant.  Every one of these people, Michael Moore, Jimmy Hoffa, Robert B. Reich, they're all rich.  They're all rich.  They must have some sort of guilt that propels them or harasses them every day of their lives. 

Here's Howard Fineman, also last night on MSNBC, this time Hardball.  And Chris Matthews asked him about Obama's speech, "Will it work, Howard?  Will it work politically, Howard?  Howard, please, tell me, Howard, will it ever get passed?  I gotta know, Howard, tell me now, will Obama's bill get passed?"

FINEMAN:  No, it's not gonna get passed.  But the key thing for him is that this is music to the ears of most Democrats. The Democratic base -- and I talked to a lot of them today -- absolutely love what the president said.

RUSH:  And confirms what I said, that that was the purpose of this speech yesterday, to shore up the base.  Now, Howard Fineman had a interesting little tidbit to add to all of this.

FINEMAN:  Interestingly, Chuck Schumer is driving the train right now.  He won the day on the argument.  I think you're gonna see Chuck Schumer playing a very important role in the campaign.

RUSH:  Well-l-l-l-l, now, isn't that interesting, somehow Howard Fineman reports that Chuck-U Schumer is driving the Obama train.  Well, let's go back to MSNBC where all the action was on this.  Matthews is talking to Chuck-U Schumer.  He said, "The Buffett Rule, making sure that people in the very high income brackets pay the same percentage as people in the middle classes."  Chris, have you ever heard of the Alternative Minimum Tax?  They've already tried that.  These people are so easy to seduce because they lack any intellectual curiosity.  So ideological, that's all that matters, moving the ideological ball forward, they don't care if it's done with lies and distortions and half-truths, doesn't matter.  Buffett Rule.  Let's not examine what it really is and whether or not it's been tried for.  It's got Buffett's name on it, it's gotta be good. 

Chuck Schumer, formerly of District number 9.  By the way, speaking of that, I'm gonna tell you something.  If Obama directs the United States to veto this notion of Palestinian statehood at the UN this week, supporters of Israel owe a debt of gratitude to the voters in New York 9 for making that happen.  If New York 9 had not happened, the Democrats had not lost that, I can conceivably see where Obama would not have vetoed this Palestinian thing at the UN this week.  Anyway, here is Chuck-U Schumer being asked by Matthews, "How do you implement the Buffett Rule, Chuck-U?  How do you make it happen out there?  How do you bring that fight to the country and win?"

SCHUMER:  The president should bring it to the country, and I believe he will, he will win, and that's something that I believed for a long time.  I believed it back in December.  The bottom line is, 59% of Republicans think very well-to-do people should pay more in taxes, and you just have a small group that dominates the Republican Party apparatus that's against this, but the American people, liberal, moderate, and conservative are not against it, they're for it.

RUSH:  That's such a disconnect.  Yeah, that poll question exists with that answer.  But they're not telling you other questions that were asked in the same poll that make that answer irrelevant.  Such as, "Do you think higher taxes ought to be paid as a way to reduce the deficit?"  No.  Spending cuts have to make that happen.  This is selective editing on the part of Chuck-U.  But anyway the point is you see they're all ecstatic.  They're ecstatic.  The base is just orgasmic over this.  That was the purpose of the speech yesterday.



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