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Story #1: World Atlas Exaggerated Greenland Ice Loss Claim
RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, liberals are lying yet again, bold and brash because they have no
choice.  The Times Atlas of the World, which is published by HarperCollins,
which is owned by News Corp, which owns the Fox News Channel, owned by Rupert
Murdoch, The Times Atlas is run by a bunch of libs, HarperCollins is, don't
doubt me on this.  "The Times Atlas of the World exaggerated the rate of ice
loss in Greenland in its thirteenth edition last week," say a bunch of
scientists, wildly exaggerated Greenland's ice loss, like times 50.  They tried
to say that a significant portion of the eastern coast of Greenland had melted,
but many scientists said no.  This didn't happen and it isn't true. 
So how can there be scientific consensus if people are disagreeing over things like
this? They exaggerated the loss of ice by 50 times or more.  Well, the question
is if they don't do that, who's gonna listen to them?  "The Times Atlas of the
World exaggerated the rate of Greenland's ice loss in its thirteenth edition
last week, scientists said on Monday.  The atlas, published by HarperCollins,
showed that Greenland lost 15 percent of its ice cover over the past 12 years,
based on information from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado in
the United States. The Greenland ice sheet is the second biggest in the world
and significant shrinking could lead to a global rise in sea levels."  That
should have already happened if 15% of Greenland is melted, for crying out
loud.  Fifteen percent of Greenland is not insignificant.  But the global rise
in sea levels has not happened. 
"'While global warming has played a role in this reduction, it is also as a result of the much more accurate data
and in-depth research that is now available,' HarperCollins said on its website
on Monday. However, a number of scientists disputed the claim.  'We believe that
the figure of a 15 percent decrease in permanent ice cover since the publication
of the previous atlas 12 years (ago) is both incorrect and misleading,' said
Poul Christoffersen, glaciologist at the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI)
at the University of Cambridge. 'We concluded that a sizable portion of the area
mapped as ice-free in the Atlas is clearly still ice-covered.' Other scientists
Now, this shouldn't be too hard to figure out.  We have
satellites, and we have boats, and we have snowmobiles, and you can go there and
readily see that it has not melted.  Either there is ice or there isn't.  This
should not be a matter of contention.  So it's another lie that the liberals
have tried to tell, and this time it's other scientists who probably aren't
getting any grants and who do care about their reputations who have called the
liars out on this.  More evidence that the left is nothing but a pack of 'em. 

Story #2: Miami Herald: Drilling Off Keys to Begin by December
RUSH: Look at this from the Miami Herald today: "A giant, semi-submersible oil rig en route
from Singapore will probably be drilling in the Florida Straits between Key West
and Cuba in mid-December. The rig could arrive earlier, but Repsol, the Spanish
oil company, wants to wait until after hurricane season ends before it begins
drilling," which is December 1st.
"This latest report on the progress of the Italian-made Scarabeo 9 oil rig comes from Lee Hunt, the chief executive of
the International Association of Drilling Contractors, who just returned from a
trip to Cuba last week as part of a joint delegation with the environmental
group, the Environmental Defense Fund. Hunt also said that Repsol plans on
having one well drilled by the end of the year." So look at Key West, guess
what? There are going to be oil rigs out there. You probably won't see them,
they'll be over the horizon, but they're gonna be close enough to you you're not
gonna like it, except they're not gonna be ours. It's a joint effort between
Cuba and Mexico to drill oil while we are under a drilling moratorium, slapped
on this country by "Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

Story #3: Obama Bill Makes New Protected Class: Unemployed
RUSH: Louie Gohmert has found some additional things in this Obama bill speech that he made
yesterday. Get this. Rep. Louie Gohmert, Texas Republican. "One particular
section Rep. Gohmert highlighted was the 'prohibition of discrimination in
employment on the basis of an individual's status as unemployed.' ... 'We are
adding in this bill a new protected class called "unemployed." Titled on page
129 prohibition of discrimination in employment on the basis of an individual's
status as unemployed and it says right here in the findings, "...that we find
the denial of unemployment opportunities to individuals because of their status
as unemployed is discriminatory and burdens commerce,"' Congressman Gohmert
"'So the good news is if you're unemployed and you go and apply for
a job and you're not hired for that job, see a lawyer. You may be able, to file
a claim, because you got discriminated against, because you were unemployed.'"
Honest to God. There is a provision in the Obama bill that says you can sue for
discrimination if you're unemployed and you go look for a job and you don't get
it. You can sue for discrimination on the basis they didn't hire you because you
don't have a job. Now, you might think, "Well, this is strange. For crying out
loud, look at all the unemployed!" That's exactly right. There's no provision
for people who are employed who want to change jobs; but if you are unemployed,
there's a new classification of unemployed that can't be discriminated against
now in the Obama bill. I know this doesn't make sense. (interruption) It does
make sense? 
Well, see, maybe I'm too logical, because I have to go
through this two or three times.  (interruption) Okay, if you are chronically
unemployed, it is said companies don't want to hire you.  Who says that?  Who
says that?  Who says that?  Who says that if you're chronically unemployed,
companies don't want to hire you?  Where did that get started?  Who says that? 
Is it an allegation that some liberal is making?  Who says it?  Okay, a lot of
liberals are making the allegation that that the long-term, chronically
unemployed are being discriminated against 'cause they're not being hired
because they're unemployed for so long.  Right.  Okay.  Where I get caught up in
this is for most of the people we're talking about how can you possibly not be
unemployed when you're looking for a job? 
In other words, what Obama wants to do is establish a new classification called the unemployed who can now
being discriminated against by employers who can now be sued if they're not
hired if they can go get a lawyer and make the case that they weren't hired
because they were unemployed.  Well, folks, I would say that 999 out of a
thousand job applicants in this current circumstance are not gonna be employed. 
So that means that 999 out of every 1,000 people looking for a job could
ultimately end up suing somebody if they don't get hired now because of mythical
discrimination that exists against the unemployed. 
Let's now go to the unintended consequences.  Why then would any employer even dare granting an
interview or an application to anybody that doesn't have a job?  Oh, so if you
don't do that then you're also discriminating.  So what we set up here is a
brand-new heretofore nonexistent way for employers to be sued.  So the trial
lawyers who have major connections to the Democrat Party have just now created a
new one.  I guess the unemployed can't help it, they were born that way, and
next it will be the unemployable.  They can't help it.  They can't help it.  The
unemployed, some unemployed schlub goes in, doesn't get the job, calls trial
lawyer A, who sues the employer, "Hey, you discriminated against my guy." 
"Well, you didn't hire him and he's unemployed." 
"Well, I didn't hire him because he doesn't have the qualification for
what I need."
"No, we're suing your butt." 
This is another new way to stimulate job creation, right?  Set up a new pathway for the trial
lawyers to sue employers, and it's in the Obama bill.  It hasn't been submitted
yet, by the way, but it's in that thing that he's out there waving around,
Story #4: 99ers: Long-Term Jobless Diss Obama's Jobs Plan
RUSH: There's an ABC News story from September 14th, a week ago.  "As Obama travels to North
Carolina to deliver another speech," blah, blah, blah, "The longest of the
long-term unemployed, so-called '99ers' whose benefits have run out, say the
president's plan ignores their needs. They say that while it gives employers an
$8 billion incentive to hire people out of work, it leaves them free to
discriminate against 99ers and to hire instead the more recently
So they want some mechanism that the longer you're
unemployed, the more qualified you are, or the more entitled you are to be
hired.  And they want the employer to have to take that into account, employer
doesn't, then you're discriminating. 
Story #5: CNN: Looking for Work? Unemployed Need Not Apply
RUSH: And CNN has this thing, June 16th, 2010:  "Unemployment experts say that they believe
companies are increasingly interested only in applicants who already have a
job."  Right?  So Obama's gonna fix that.  (laughing)  We're just screwed.  If
this doesn't change, we are just literally, totally, purposefully screwed. 
There's no question.


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