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The Left's Math Makes No Sense


RUSH: I was watching a commercial...I'm perhaps not the guy to talk about this, in all candor, 'cause I think I am on this probably a lone wolf. But I was watching a TV commercial moments ago. Some bank is trying to attract customers by telling them there are not gonna be any fees when they use the ATM at this bank, and the commercial is a guy standing in front of the ATM; he's got two options. One button says, "To complete this transaction we're gonna charge you a $3 fee." The other button says, "Skip the transaction." There's a long line of people standing behind him, urging him, "Come on! Would you make up your mind? Do something here. I want to get to the machine and get on with my life."


RUSH: Okay. The reason I might not be the guy to talk about such things as (sigh) who pays for what is this commercial reminded me of the whole controversy over ATM fees. When they first hit big, there was a resounding call throughout the country for the government to do something about it. So now we got a new bank out there and they're running commercials to attract customers by saying there will not be any fees for use of their ATM, and that there is a #3 charge at some other bank's ATM. The other bank's not named here. This guy sitting there trying to figure out what to do, what to do, what to do. And I put myself in the position of the guy at the ATM, and I say, "Okay, if that what it costs, fine. I signed up with this bank, that's what it is; I'll hit the button, get my money, and go on."

The last thing that would ever occur to me is to call my congressman to complain about an ATM fee! I would either not pay it or pay it if I knew it existed when I signed up at the bank. If it didn't exist when I signed up at the bank and it's something that really, really bothered me I'd change banks. But it would never occur to me to complain to the government about it. Yet that's what a lot of people do, not just ATM fees. But this guy that called, not enough taxation because military pensions are not being properly funded. What...? We have got a problem here of total mismanagement of government, and raising taxes is not going to fix the mismanagement of government!

The mismanagement of government has been going on all of your life and all of my life by liberals, whether they had won elections or not. They populate the bureaucracy. They have career appointments in every bureaucracy, from the EPA to the FCC to the Department of Justice. You name it, they're there. Whether there's got a Democrat in the White House or not. The whole government's been corrupted and perverted. So it's not the fact that people aren't paying or are paying taxes that the government's mismanaged. Mismanagement of the government, if you define that as military pensions are being underfunded, raising taxes on somebody's not gonna fix that. Something else, too. If you want to try to tell me that the government's money and revenue problems reside in the taxes made by 1% of the population, is that really what people want to try to convince me of?

When 47% of the people aren't paying diddly-squat, people want to try to tell me that the problem exists in the 1% who are paying 40% of all taxes and the 5% who are paying 70%? That's the problem? Sorry. I'm just not going to see it that way. I don't know how anybody can believe the top 1% paying 40% of all taxes are not paying enough, are not paying their "fair share," when 47% of people aren't paying any federal income tax. But even if you raise taxes, if you go back to April Fool's Day 20 years ago when I did a whole bit on taxing the poor... "Raise taxes on the poor. It's about time they started paying for what they get," and it outraged people. Now that view actually has a wide berth of support. What I mean by being on the cutting edge. So I just don't see government as the solution to anything so I look at myself as the solution to what my problems are. The last place I even ponder going is any government -- state, city, local, federal.


RUSH: The top 5% are paying 70% of all taxes, and they want us to believe that the revenue shortfall is because the rich are not paying their fair share -- and we have 47% of Americans aren't paying anything? Again, the math just escapes me.