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A Grateful NY-9 Turner Volunteer


RUSH: This is Kevin in Brooklyn. Kevin, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, it is an honor and a pleasure. You are a true patriot and a great American.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. Appreciate that.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call. Oblahblahblah is nothing more like you said earlier, a community organizer who shakes down people and organizations for what he wants. BP as an example, you're gonna put aside $20 billion for the cleanup in the Gulf. Okay, you got it. You know, I don't think this guy could organize a block party.

RUSH: You mean Obama?

CALLER: Obama. And also I just want you to know I worked on --

RUSH: Well, wait a second. You're contradicting yourself. You said he just shook down BP for 20 big ones, 20 billion --

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: -- and that's what community organizers do is shake people down.

CALLER: With the cleanup.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: He basically put the fishermen out of business, put the oil riggers out of business --

RUSH: That's exactly what he intended to do.

CALLER: Oh, yeah, I agree with you there. You're absolutely right. I apologize in that.

RUSH: So he succeeded.

CALLER: But my other point was I worked on Bob Turner's campaign in Brooklyn.

RUSH: God bless you.

CALLER: No, God bless Bob Turner for stepping up as a great American to say "I need to do something, my country's going in the wrong direction," and I along with seven other concerned Americans, middle class concerned Americans, parents, retired, still working middle class Americans took part in this historic moment in New York's ninth district.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: And I am very proud of that, and we worked on the first campaign, Mr. Limbaugh, and we got 41 and a half percent. Brooklyn came through with 15,000 votes for Bob Turner.

RUSH: You were kind of like a community organizer in a sense.

CALLER: Oh, I got the word out.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I got the word out 'cause I got it, I get it and along with the handful of concerned Americans that I worked on the campaign with, we get it.

RUSH: Let me tell you something, isn't that a great feeling, to be part of a winning team, to be a contributing actual member of a winning team?


RUSH: It is a euphoric feeling.

CALLER: Let me tell you, the hair on the back of my head stood up. It was the kind of feeling I had when my children, my two daughters were born.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: That's the kind of feeling I had because I knew the people in the ninth district got it, they got it, they seen it and they actually seen the true Obama for what he is, and nothing more than a Marxist. And I'm glad you along with other voices in the media are finally coming out and calling this man out for what he is. And the other lamestream media should be ashamed of themselves.

RUSH: Nah, they're not really ashamed of themselves. Are you a former Democrat, by the way?

CALLER: I was and I'm glad you brought that up. I am a former Democrat, but the Democratic Party left me a long time ago and they were hijacked by socialists. I am now a registered Independent.

RUSH: Okay. So you're a registered Independent. If the Republicans get too cheeky, if they start being too critical of, say, Obama is that gonna mean you're gonna run back to the Democrat Party?

CALLER: No, never.

RUSH: Well, because that's what Republican consultants tell Republican candidates, that people like you don't want to hear Obama criticized. If you hear Republicans starting to criticize Obama, that's it, you're gonna lose patience, you're gonna say, "To hell with you guys," and you're gonna run back and vote Obama.

CALLER: No, negative.

RUSH: Well, I know that.

CALLER: I am not running back to the Democrats or Obama, and criticize Obama? I want to hear more criticism of Obama, so people could wake up to what this man has done to this country.

RUSH: I think it's happening out there, Kevin. I think it's happening. I think the waking up has been slow, but it's steady, and it's been going on for a long time. The Tea Party, the Tea Party in a metaphoric sense is a giant wake-up. It's exactly why they exist. And the primary reason they are feared is because there isn't a leader and that they're really not a party. There's no apparatus to go after. They're just people like you, grassroots, effervescent, bubble up simply 'cause you don't like what you're seeing. You probably are not like most Tea Party people. Most Tea Party people never were politically active before, but you have been for a while. But you still fit the profile. I appreciate the call. Thank you Kevin, and you keep it up.

You know, being part of a winning team, championship level, and winning an election is clearly getting close to that category of championship level. It's such a euphoric feeling. It's a feeling a lot of people will never have in their lives, and I think it's one of the reasons, frankly, why so many people are drawn to sports, the dream of being part of a championship team, I don't care what the sport is. People dream about it, wonder what it's really like. When I made the high school football team in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, I was 15 years old. I remember the day that I actually made the team, the coach gave us the afternoon off and most of the team decided to go to the movies that night. We all ended up at the same place and I had never been that happy in my life over anything. That one night, just being in this movie theater with everybody else on the team, and we hadn't won anything, I just made it as a long shot.

I was a walk-on kicker. All I wanted to do was kick. I didn't want to do wind sprints and all that rotgut. Of course in high school there's no such thing as specialists, so they assigned me the position of offensive tackle, I had to learn that. I was in for a lot of surprises. I had no idea the physical rigors involved just practicing. (interruption) Well, no, I didn't care about soccer. No, no, no. There wasn't a soccer team at the time. No, no, no, no, no. But I mean people who love soccer and make the team I'm sure feel the same way.

By the way, the New York Times said in an article about Obama yesterday: "Polls consistently suggest that perhaps the only thing that unites independents as much as their desire for compromise is their inclination toward leaders who signal strength by fighting for their beliefs." See, that's a huge See, I Told You So. This notion that the independents are a bunch of wimps who are gonna shy away from competition, confrontation, any kind of argument is a big ruse that's been played on Republicans and way too many Republicans have believed it. It's just the exact opposite.



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