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Chicago Trib Lib: Obama Must Go


RUSH: I told you about Steve Chapman. He's a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. A couple months ago he was talking about Obama in a very positive way -- his reelection, things he could do to facilitate that. Something's changed because this week Steve Chapman had a column joining a lot of thought that exists on the Democrat side that for the Democrat Party to be saved, Obama's gotta go. Obama should not seek a second term. He should turn it over to somebody else. He was not making the case for Hillary per se in the piece, but it established, folks, that from the New York Times to a lot of other liberal institutions, they understand now that it is their ideology on the line.

The days of propping up Obama for whatever reasons they ever did -- and I can list 'em for you if you want: Guilt, guilt, guilt, and guilt. That is why we had the puff pieces on Obama and the fabrication of a phony image, this messianic figure unlike anything we had ever seen at any time in American politics. "So unique! So perfect! So wonderful! So smart! So capable! So able to blur the lines of disagreement, able to unify people all over the world! Not only would Americans love Americans but the world would love Americans," all of that claptrap. You remember that. All of that was guilt, combined with what they thought was something unbeatable.

They didn't think that anybody on the Republican side would have the courage to actually run a campaign against the first potential black president of the United States -- and they
 were right. They were right. The Republican campaign was an exercise in caution, fear, you name it. But it was all taking place under the umbrella of guilt. Slavery guilt, racial discrimination guilt. You name it -- it doesn't matter -- it was guilt. And the election of Obama, the public support of Obama was a way to publicly assuage all of that guilt, to in one fell swoop wash it clean! But now since there never was anything there (there never was a "there" there with Obama) the empty suit has been exposed. They're faced every day with the hard, cold reality that in his hands liberalism is an abject failure. Now, it isn't in the sense: Look what he's gotten done.

But it's a failure in the sense the American don't want it. Now that they find out what it is, they found out who he was and is, they don't want it. A majority support repealing everything Obama's done with health care at the top of that list. "Well, that can't be allowed to continue. I mean, we did our duty. We assuaged our guilt. But now if it means what we believe going down the tubes and ending up on the ash heap of history, we can't let that happen," and if it means Obama's gotta go to save liberalism then Obama's gotta go. If Obama's gotta go to save Marxism, if Obama's gotta go to save Stalinism or whatever, he's gotta go. Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune, has done a 180 and has now joined the chorus. So they went at MSNBC and they got him on the air. They wanted to ask him about this. The anchor was Craig Melvin. Melvin said, "First, there's some precedent here. What you write in your column of presidents who could have run for reelection but did not in the face of a hostile electorate, LBJ, '68, Truman in '52." Make the case for Obama sitting the next one out.

CHAPMAN: We've got about as bad an economy as we've had since the Great Depression. It's been going on for four years now. Unemployment is not falling, the economy is barely growing at all, and the forecasts are that it's not gonna grow very much in the next year. So I think, given that, it's hard for me to believe that the American electorate is gonna go to the polls next November and give Obama another four years, given that he's had four years and the economy is no better. It's really gonna work against him.

RUSH: Yeah. Now, Chapman was singing a different tune as recently as 60 days ago, two months ago. So Craig Melvin of MSNBC, says, "Well, you mentioned Hillary Clinton in your column, too, Steve."

CHAPMAN: Yeah. You know, she's a person who's run for president before.


CHAPMAN: She's obviously very well known, has a lot of credibility, but I don't think there's anybody who would be credible as a Democratic Party nominee. Hillary is instantly credible. She doesn't bear any credibility for the economic problems -- and, in fact, she's associated with a period of economic prosperity in the nineties when her husband was president. She also happens to be, according to the new Bloomberg poll, the most popular political figure in the country right now.

RUSH: There you have it. Steve Chapman in Chicago, the Chicago way. Yeah. There was a poll out that Hillary is the most popular political figure in the country. I don't know whose poll it was. I saw it but didn't bother talking about it. So we've got this. Chapman's just the latest. It's popping all over the New York Times.



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