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New Two If By Tea Promotion: Win a Delivery from Rush Revere!


RUSH: We are constantly getting questioned by people because people love our contests at Two If By Tea. TwoIfByTea.com is the website, the best iced tea in the country, the best bottle, the best label, and we sponsor the best organization to be associated with: Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. We are going to be constantly running a little contest because we love them. We have fun with this. So basically here it is. And each one of these, by the way, we're gonna structure so that each one's bigger than the previous one. That's the little fun challenge we've given ourselves. Anybody that purchases Two If By Tea starting right now through tomorrow, September 22nd at 11:59 p.m., will be automatically entered to win all the prizes.

We don't just have a prize, but we've got a grand prize, and it's sort of a play off of the Florida straw poll in a way to try to make it relevant. Not everybody can come to Florida. I know you'd love to come to Florida and be part of the Florida straw poll and be able to vote in it. I don't know how many would want to go to Iowa, but a lot of people would love to come here. Since you can't, what we're gonna do is, in a way, bring Florida to you. The grand prize is a supply of tea for a year (two cases a month for a year, so that's 24 cases of tea) and the grand prize is that the winner will have the first delivery of tea personally delivered to their home by me and Kathryn. We will fly to wherever the winner is.

Now, there are gonna be some rules here. You can't invite the whole town over and you can't invite the media. There are gonna be rules associated with this. But I, Rush Revere, El Rushbo, will personally deliver, if you are the grand prize winner, the tea to your home. Now, everybody can't win the grand prize. There are second, third, fourth, and fifth prizes, too, including a Florida gift basket. Somebody's gonna win an Apple Computer, MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop -- and, of course, we're gonna call all the winners personally to notify you that you are a lucky winner. We got all these rules posted.

The official rules are posted at TwoIfByTea.com if you -- if you have any desire to have Kathryn and me show up and deliver you your tea, it's just simple: Go to TwoIfByTea.com and order some between now and midnight tomorrow. Well, 11:59 p.m. And cross your fingers. We debated long and hard over this. Yeah, this is fun. Everybody that tastes it loves it and everybody that we've met along the way here from Joplin or wherever we've gone has just been salt of the earth people, the kind of people that make this country work. It's been a thrill to meet the people that we've met and we want to build on that. So you could win the grand prize: Me and Kathryn delivering your tea to your home at a mutually agreed time with mutually agreed rules.

TwoIfByTea.com, or you can call 866-662-1776.



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