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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Author and cultural commentator Mark Steyn filled in for Rush on Open Line Friday.

CNBC: Global Meltdown: Investors Are Dumping Nearly Everything

Reuters: Greece Sees Possibility of 50 Percent Haircut on Debt: Reports

AP: House GOP Regroups After Loss on Spending Bill

WP: Recession’s Lost Generation

Audio: Hope/Change Generation is Lost

"In the end political reality reacquaints itself with real reality." -Steyn

CBS: GOP Debate: Winners and Losers

Politico: Texas Toast? Rick Perry Worries GOP

Boston Globe: Romney Pivots from Social Security to Illegal Immigration Against Perry

CBS: Obama Lets States Opt out of No Child Left Behind

Weekly Standard: Palestinian Paper's Racist Reaction to Obama‎

"California citizens have already paid $20 million for what happened to Jaycee Dugard and federal taxpayers are now going to be paying even more." - Steyn

Reuters: Jaycee Dugard Sues U.S. Over Monitoring of her Captor

LAT: Bill Would Require Fitted Sheets at Hotels to Protect Housekeepers

Audio: Jaycee Dugard Sues, You Pay

"The biggest laugh line of the night in the Republican debate turned out to be a line you heard a few hours earlier on the EIB." -Steyn

Audio: Rush Joke in GOP Debate

ABC:Gary Johnson’s "Shovel-Ready" Joke Stinks of a Stolen Line

The Hill: Gary Johnson Credits Radio Audience for His Hit Debate Joke 

LAT: New gaffe: Obama Hails America's Historic Building of ''the Intercontinental Railroad''

Space.com: Huge Tumbling Satellite Could Fall to Earth Over US Tonight or Saturday, NASA Says

AP: Death Penalty Opponents Regroup After Davis' Death


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