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There Can't Be a Moderate El Rushbo


RUSH:  Grab audio sound bite number 26.  This is actually kind of funny.  This afternoon on PMSNBC Live, the fill-in host Craig Melvin was interviewing the national political reporter for the Washington Post, a guy by the name of Perry Bacon.  And the question was this: "I enjoyed the piece that you wrote.  Perry, you identified three tactics that work for partisan politics and could also work for moderate politics."  I haven't seen the story and I don't need to see it.  If it's in the Washington Post, I don't need to see it.  All I need to know is what this question is.  You've got a national political reporter, and he's being asked a question, "Hey, Perry, you know what, you wrote a piece here, you identified three tactics that work for partisan politics, could also work for moderate politics." 

Now, by definition, moderate and partisan don't go together, right?  Yet this guy has apparently written a piece that says the moderates could take a lesson from the partisans.  "There are three things the partisans do as tactics that the moderates could use.  What are they?"  And here's Perry with his answer.

BACON:  You know what a Democrat is for when you vote for them; you know what a conservative Republican is, too.  People talk about centrism in the middle, but I kind of laid out how you might define a real sort of centrist agenda.  And then once you had that, you could support candidates who are centrists.  You know, in general in America right now if you're centrist candidate, it's hard to win the primary.  And I was talking about the way to do that.  And the third thing I said was in some ways the centrists need their own Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH:  How can that happen?  The centrists need their own Rush Limbaugh.  This is like the No Labels group.  And here we have people obsessed with being centrists.  What is a centrist?  I mean I know by definition it's somebody that's not a liberal and not a conservative, but why don't they want to be either one?  It's because they don't want to have a point of view.  They don't want to have an opinion.  That's precisely what moderates are.  Now, they try to tell you that, "No, no, no, no, we go issue by issue, Mr. Limbaugh, we're not guided by party politics or partisanship.  We simply go issue by issue, whatever is the most sensible to us." 

Okay, what's the core then?  What is the centrist moderate core?  Because without that you can't have your version of Rush Limbaugh.  And I don't know of anybody who can define for me the moderate core or the centrist core.  What is it?  And these centrists, they desperately want people to think they've got a core.  You know, a set of core beliefs.  But what are they?  By the way, if you're moderate or centrist, don't take this personally.  I'm simply being accurate.  If you think you're a moderate or a centrist and you think you've got a core, call here and tell me what it is because I really want to know, I want to know what the core beliefs are for moderates, or the core beliefs are for centrists.  It could be interesting.  Doubt it, but it could be. 



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