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Some of the topics we're loaded with today:
Obamacare Heads to Supremes || Obama Freaks on BET
|| Another Vacation || Man Dares Heckle the Fallen Messiah!

Axelrod: 2012 to be Titanic Struggle

RUSH: David Axelrod just told a group of Democrat politicians in New Hampshire that Obama's reelection will be a titanic struggle --  and of course we here are hoping it meets the same fate as the Titanic.  But in order to guarantee that, what do we need?  We need to make sure the GOP puts up the right iceberg.

Response to Marxist Seminar Callers

RUSH: This guy, our last caller, ladies and gentlemen, was reading from (sigh) the fringe, left-wing website the Daily Kos. They produced an e-mail that circulated back in 2009 that is Abraham Lincoln talking about labor versus slavery. And what they've done is take this thing out of context, and they've urged every one of their readers to print this thing out and send it to as many people as they know -- and, if they can, get on radio talk shows and read it.

Bam Badly Wants to be Reelected

RUSH: Obama is unhappy. The reality that he is not that big a deal to people anymore, has sunk in. He wants to be reelected as badly as anybody who has ever run for the office. What you're seeing as degeneration and disinterest or whatever, is nothing other than a narcissist facing the reality that the world doesn't revolve around him.

The Bedroom Slipper Controversy

WATERS: Maxine Waters does two things: Public policy and organizing. I don't go around complaining and so I don't really think he was talking to us or the people in that room.

BLITZER: So you're gonna take off your slippers and you're gonna get out there and march with him?

WATERS: I've never owned a pair of bedroom slippers.

An Army of One, Now in Paperback

RUSH: Zev Chafets, who wrote the book on me An Army of One, it's out today in paperback, and people ask me, "Is it any good, Rush? Should I read it?" It is. I participated. It's not a biography, but I did participate in it. I granted interviews. I spent a lot of time talking to the author. It is an excellent, excellent book. It really is.


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