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Herman Cain || Perry Troubles Over Camp || Christie Fever Continues

Morning Update: Dumbed Down

Over the weekend, New York City police arrested nearly 700 anti-Wall Street protestors. First the marchers decided to storm NYPD headquarters in lower Manhattan, and got lost. Later they left their "occupation" of Wall Street, and attempted to swarm the Brooklyn Bridge. The protests tied up traffic for over three hours.

Cheney Demands Apology from Bam

RUSH: Cheney, by the way, did endorse the killing of Anwar Awlaki as justified, despite Awlaki's US citizenship.  He suggested the Obama White House is being hypocritical when it approved a deadly strike against Awlaki while condemning waterboarding, so-called enhanced interrogation.  He's exactly right, I mean it's more than just irony.

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