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Perry Rakes in $17M || Fast & Furious Scandal || Recovery Summer 2: Huge Job Losses for Obama in August, Largest in 2 Years

Anti-Capitalist Protestors Face Dilemma: Should They Buy Stuff?

RUSH: The Occupy Wall Street crowd, I got hold of the minutes of their most recent meeting from their website, and they have realized that chilly temperatures have set in, which means that they are going to need sleeping bags.  One of the challenges they have -- honestly -- one of the challenges they have is: Should they knit their own sleeping bags or should they sacrifice or compromise and go to a store and buy them?

Laid Off Teacher from Texas Speaks

RUSH: Lo and behold, I just pointed out if we pop our head into any school economics class, we would be shocked and saddened by what we hear. Cookie informs me that we have just such a teacher.  Last night on Sergeant Schultz's show, on MSNBC, a woman that Obama introduced in his speech on the American Jobs Act in Mesquite, Texas. 

Morning Update: Without Delay

Ever since his September 8 “jobs speech,” Obama has been campaigning around the country, supposedly trying to gin up support for Congress to “pass this bill” without delay. He neglects to mention that his fellow Democrats didn’t submit his bill in the House. This gave Texas Republican Louie Gohmert the opening to submit a genuine tax-cut bill, co-opting the name “American Jobs Act,” that Obama wanted for his job-killing bill.

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