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"Unexpectedly" No More! AP Gives Up on Spinning Jobless Numbers
RUSH: Folks, the AP has given up trying to sugarcoat the unemployment news. They've given up. They've just quit. They've just resigned. No longer are the results surprising or unexpected. (laughing) Really. Christopher Rugaber: "The number of people who applied for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week, a sign that the job market remains weak. Weekly applications increased by 6,000 to a seasonally adjusted 401,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. The modest gain comes after applications plummeted by 33,000 in the previous week," which were revised and changed. It wasn't that many.

Anyway, as usual, the previous week's number had not plummeted quite so much, since it was quietly revised up by 5,000. It wasn't 33, it was 28. "The drop partly reflected technical difficulties with the department’s seasonal adjustment process. The slumping economy has led many employers to pull back on hiring." No surprise, no unexpected. I can just see it in the AP newsroom, they threw up their hands, "Ah, damn it, it's not worth the effort. Let's just report the numbers and move on." You can read it. Mr. Rugaber here, you can read he's just exhausted with trying to put a game face on this, 'cause of course there's nothing surprising about this.

Hilarious Stories from the Wall Street Protests
RUSH: I have a whole stack on this Wall Street protest. There's some hilarious stuff. The LA Times: "Occupy Wall Street Wins Over Union Backing, More Protesters -- Teachers, nurses, veterans and seniors are among the several thousand to join the anti-greed movement's largest march yet. In a sign that it is shifting from a loose-knit fringe group to a bloc that could draw in mainstream America..." There's no way that this is going to draw in mainstream America.

"'It's hard because there are so many issues at stake,' said Melanie Hamlett, 33, when asked what her main gripe was. 'But it all comes down to money.' Hamlett had come from her home in New Paltz...to take part in Wednesday's protest, and she spoke from Zuccotti Park, where dozens of Occupy Wall Street supporters have been camped since Sept. 17. 'I've been waiting for this to happen for years. Finally, an awakening,' she said as a group of protesters meditated. Behind Hamlett, a topless woman with a black mustache painted on her upper lip moved through the crowd, her particular gripe unclear but her presence welcomed by a movement that prides itself on turning nobody away." So a topless babe with a mustache is going to draw in mainstream America. I don't think that would even draw in Snerdley.

Then from the Boston Globe: "College Students, Nurses Join Occupy Boston Protest‎." Organizers say they were inspired by the Arab Spring. This is utterly hilarious. "The Massachusetts Nurses Association also called on its members to join the Occupy Boston protests. Organizers have said they are inspired by the Arab Spring revolutions in Africa and the Middle East. Victoria Porell, 19, in her third year at Northeastern, hadn’t participated in a major protest before, she said. Today, she was an organizer of the walkout on campus. 'I think the system right now, where one percent of the country controls 40 percent of the wealth, just isn’t in line with our basic democratic principles,' said Porell, an international affairs major.

"To critics who say that Occupy Boston is unfocused, without cohesive demands, she compares it to the Tea Party movement. 'Can you identify their core demands in a few sentiments?' Porell asked. Besides, she said, high unemployment and income inequality are looming large for her generation."

CBS News: "Thousands March to City Hall as Part of Occupy Wall Street." About a dozen arrests, most of those for disorderly conduct, but at least one arrest was for assaulting a police officer. So the occupiers are assaulting cops. You don't see the Tea Party doing that, and that's not going to attract mainstream Americans. So the cops are pepper spraying some of these protestors. Has the Tea Party ever been pepper sprayed? I don't believe so. (interruption) Yeah, the black guy was beat up in St. Louis, the SEIU.

Christian Science Monitor: "'Occupy Wall Street': If Protesters Don't List Demands, Will They Get Anything?" Listing every progressive concern of the 21st century, plus college as a basic human right, this story lists all those demands I read for you the other day, including get rid of all debt. And they're saying groups of people should stay away. Don't come as a group, come as an individual.

The Hill: "Dems Rally Behind 'Occupy Wall Street' Protest Movement." Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), John Larson, Barbara Lee, all the socialists in the House, members of the Congressional Black Caucasians have supported this. It seems like more House Democrats have endorsed this thing than have co-sponsored Obama's jobs bill. If you run the numbers I think that's going to be true. More Democrats in Congress are endorsing this thing than Obama's jobs bill. Barbara Lee, she's the head of the Congressional Black Caucasians. It used to be James Clyburn, but he turned it over to Barbara Lee. You know James Clyburn has a daughter named Mignon, as in filet mignon. I'm assuming that's how her name is pronounced. Mignon Clyburn, wow. There's a reason parents name their kids things. What would be the reason for naming your daughter after a steak?

Obama's Strange Response to Fast and Furious
RUSH: I am so relieved. I have just been told that Sharyl Atkisson has been found. She actually filed a story today at 12:30 on Obama's denials of knowing anything about Fast and Furious, and his full-fledged support of Eric Holder about whom and in whom he has total confidence. I was wrong. I guess Obama did answer the question about Fast and Furious today, because I just checked it and looked at a video of it. I have to tell you something: I heard the question being asked. It was a two-parter and he took the second part of it first, so I tuned out. I was doing something else. If you just found out -- which is what he claimed, that he didn't know anything about it. So he gets this question.

If you'd just found out that a department in your administration was running an illegal operation and people were killed, would you react the way Obama did today? Two hundred people are dead because of this Fast and Furious operation! You know, walking guns from American gun stores into the hands of drug cartel thugs who then turn around and used the guns and murdered people! The administration claims, "We wanted to find out who the cartel thugs are!" No, they wanted to assault the Second Amendment. Two hundred people are dead and Obama acted as if nothing had happened. He said that he didn't know about it and Holder didn't know about it. No big deal! His reaction to this was really bizarre given what's known about this. (paraphrased) "Eh, no big deal. I didn't know about it. No, no." No curiosity about it whatsoever. It's clear that this thing is something they want to try to sweep away.

Bob Johnson Splits from Obama
RUSH: Bob Johnson is the founder of Black Entertainment Television. Cal Thomas has a column about his appearance of Fox News Sunday, and he's not happy with Obama. Bob Johnson is African-American. He says, "You don't get people to like you by attacking them or demeaning their success. I grew up in a family of ten kids, first one to go to college, and I've earned my success. I've earned my right to fly private if I choose to do so. Attacking me is not going to convince me that I should take a bigger (tax) hit because I happen to be wealthy. It doesn't mean I am a bad guy. I went in business to create jobs and opportunity, create value for myself and investors. And that's what the president should be praising, not demagoging us simply because Warren Buffet says he pays more (in taxes) than his secretary."

This is Bob Johnson with a split from Obama! He doesn't like being insulted this way. He doesn't like being blamed when people like him are the solution.

Politico Eulogy: Steve Jobs Was Some Guy Who Met with Barack Obama on Tech
RUSH: Politico posted a picture of Steve Jobs on their website today because he died. Do you want to hear what the caption of their picture? "Steve Jobs met repeatedly with President Barack Obama to burnish the president's tech cred." That's media bias for you: Link Jobs to Barack Obama. That's what Jobs is known for.


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