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Boehner's Call to Rush Got Him a Primary


RUSH: Harry in Grants, New Mexico.  Welcome to the program.  Open Line Friday.  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  God bless, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  Very well, sir.  Thank you.

CALLER:  Two days before you left for Hawaii, Mr. Boehner called you.

RUSH:  Yeah?

CALLER:  I'll never know why he did that.  I think all he succeeded in was getting himself primaried.  You asked him three simple questions and he answered every question I had about what's wrong with the Republicans.  Question one:  "Mr. Speaker, are you telling me we're gonna spend all this money now in the hopes of getting these cuts later on?"  Answer:  "Rush, that's the way these things have always been done in Washington."  Translation:  "Rush, you don't know how things work in Washington."

RUSH:  Right, I remember.

CALLER:  My comment: Au contraire, Mr. Speaker.  Rush knows exactly how things work in Washington, and so do we, and we want no more of it because it's criminal.

RUSH:  Now, Boehner's called here a number of times.  Which call are you referring to and which --

CALLER:  Just before you went to Hawaii.

RUSH:  Well, I do that twice a year.

CALLER:  Well, August 28th or 29th.

RUSH:  Okay, okay, right, right, right.

CALLER:  Yeah, he was trying to convince you that he just made himself a great deal.

RUSH:  Right.  This about the continuing resolution, the debt ceiling --

CALLER:  No, after the resolution he was gonna make that final deal, which they made.  They gave Obama $2.4 trillion.

RUSH:  Right.  Yeah.

CALLER:  Question number two:  "Well, Mr. Speaker, why don't you just stay with Cut, Cap, and Balance?"  "Oh, Rush I do, I do, I really believe in it, but this is the best deal I can get."  Translation:  "You can't blame me; I'm doing my best."  My comment:  We hired you to do a job, Mr. Boehner, not whatever your best is, whatever the heck that means.

RUSH:  (laughing) You are loaded for bear today.  What's the third one?

CALLER:  Question number three:  "Well, Mr. Boehner, how about just doing the right thing?"  "Rush, I will not be responsible for our seniors and veterans losing their benefits.  It simply wouldn't be moral."  My answer:  "Morality, Mr. Boehner?  What's so moral about sacrificing your principles to the expediency of the moment?  Morality, Mr. Boehner?  What's so moral about weeping with gratitude for being reelected and refusing to do one damn thing we hired you to do?"

RUSH:  So you've been carrying this around with you since August?

CALLER:  July 26th. I've been trying to get you every day since before you went to Hawaii because you showed us everything about this guy.  You got about 30 more seconds?

RUSH:  Yeah, go ahead.

CALLER:  Great football analogy for you.  We, the conservative team, had a wonderful draft this November.  We drafted some coming superstars, we drafted a few guys that are ready to play at the pro level like Marco Rubio, but the team owners -- and that's me and you and the rest of the conservatives -- paid no attention whatsoever to the coaching staff.  So we got a coaching staff that has never won a game in their life.

RUSH:  Au contraire.  There were a lot of us that were talking about it. I myself have said on this program that the leadership as currently constituted doesn't represent much of a change and it didn't reflect the election results.  No, you're not alone in that at all.



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