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Clueless Pig Wall Street Protesters (in a Democrat's Park) are Dupes of Obama


RUSH:  According to the New York Post, Mayor "Doomberg" did not cave.  He did not cave to the Occupy Wall Street kids who told him to stay away, that they didn't want the park cleaned.  Details are coming up.  It's Friday, my friends.

JOHNNY DONOVAN:  And now, from sunny south Florida, it's Open Line Friday!

RUSH:  Oh, yeah.  It's boom or bust on Open Line Friday.  We've only had a couple of bombs on Open Line Friday, but it's always possible.  Open Line Friday, callers can talk about whatever they want, whether I care about it or not, unlike Monday through Thursday.  So have at it.  Questions, comments, whatever, telephone number, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com

So all morning long the story has been that Mayor Doomberg caved to the protestors down at Zuccotti Park because they said there would be trouble.  You know what really ought to happen?  The Tea Party ought to go down there with mops and brooms.  I mean the Tea Party members are used to cleaning up after their worthless, lazy kids.  They ought to just head on down there.  Well, that's my definition of kids.  Anyway, the Tea Party should go in there and clean up.  Three hundred people getting worldwide coverage; hundreds of thousands of Tea Party people ignored. 

John King at CNN commits a random act of journalism, and we have the audio sound bite to prove it.  There are more and more random acts of journalism happening out there, folks.  Even noted liberal commentators are starting to attack Obama, "Hey, where's the administrating?"  All he's out there doing is raising money.  Obama's bragging about how much campaign cash he's raising.  While everybody is taking a nosedive economically, he's out raising money, slush funds and so forth.  He hopes to have something like a billion dollars soon for his presidential campaign in this economy.  And much of that money is coming from people that these kids on Wall Street are protesting and want in jail, and they're too stupid to know it.  We got more audio sound bites of these clowns being interviewed, and it's not surprising, and it's hilarious at the same time. 

So we're ready to go here, folks, locked and loaded as they say.  800-282-2882 is the number. 

The AP had a story starting early this morning: "The official cleanup of a New York plaza where protesters have camped out for a month was postponed early Friday, sending up cheers from demonstrators who feared the effort was merely a pretext to evict them."
They would rather live in stench, these people would rather live in squalor like pigs in a sty than have the adults come in and clean the place up out of fear they're gonna be moved out.  The New York City deputy mayor Cass Holloway said the owners of the private park Brookfield Office Properties, and, by the way, the owners of this office park are dyed-in-the-wool Democrats.  This is private property these people are on, and I'm pretty sure these are dyed-in-the-wool Democrats that own this place.  So Brookfield Office Properties put off the cleaning. 

"Supporters of the protesters had started streaming into the park in the morning darkness before the planned cleaning, creating a crowd of several hundred chanting people. 'I'll believe it when we're able to stay here,' said Peter Hogness --" what a perfectly apt name for somebody in this situation.  Peter Hogness is 56, a union employee from Brooklyn. Of course.  "One thing we have learned from this is that we need to rely on ourselves and not on promises from elected officials." (laughing)  No, he did say it.  These people clamoring for everybody to pay everything for them, to take care of them are now saying only rugged individualism is gonna protect us from elected officials.  I'm telling you, you listen to a lot of what these people are saying, they're clueless.  They actually ought to be on our side.  Not that we'd want 'em. 

"But protester Nick Gulotta, 23, was jubilant.  He originally held up a sign referring to Mayor Michael Bloomberg that said: 'Bloomberg Don't Evict Occupy Wall Street.' People cheered and clapped him on the back when he scratched out the 'don't' and replaced it with 'didn't.' 'It shows when people work together, you really can make a difference and make justice happen,' Mr. Gulotta said."  Yeah, you can continue to live as pigs in a sty when you hang together.  That's justice.  You can live in a veritable garbage pit made by you, by the way, your own self-created squalor.  That's justice.  "A confrontation between police and protesters, who had vowed to stay put through civil disobedience, had been feared. Boisterous cheers floated up from the crowds as the announcement of the postponement circulated," and everybody thought that Bloomberg had caved. 

Now, the New York Post says that it was Brookfield, the owners of Zuccotti Park, who caved.  And it's interesting why they caved.  I want to make this clear.  The founder and owner of Brookfield Office Properties is John Zuccotti whom the park is named after.  He was a Democrat official under Democrat Mayor Beame.  He's a major Democrat donor.  "Brookfield reversed its decision to clear the park because it was intimidated by elected officials who are siding with the protestors, an angry Mayor Bloomberg said today. 'My understanding is Brookfield got lots of calls from many elected officials, threatening them and saying if you don't stop this we'll make your life more difficult,' the mayor said on his weekly radio show. 'If those elected officials had spent half as much time trying to promote the city to get jobs to come here we would a lot more ways towards answering the concerns of the protestors. I'm told they were inundated by lots of elected officials...'

"The mayor said he didn't know which elected officials applied the pressure. On Thursday, numerous officials -- including Rep. Jerry Nadler and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer -- stepped forward to demand that Brookfield and the city try to work out a voluntary resolution of the month-long sleep-in."  Now, when Jerry Nadler leans on you, you stay leaned on.  Have you ever seen this guy? (interruption) Yeah, he did.  He had the Rex Ryan belt loop surgery or whatever, the lap band.  Yeah, did something like that.  Still, when he leans you on, you're still leaned on.  But regardless, Doomberg says he doesn't know who the elected officials are.  Stop and think of this.  Here's this Zuccotti guy, a big Democrat himself, owns the park, he wants these people out of there so his property can get cleaned up.  He doesn't like having a pigsty outside his window and all of a sudden a bunch of elected officials call and start threatening him, and that's the story. 

Now, most of the time when elected officials start threatening people, it's under the radar.  You don't really know, I mean you suspect it's happening.  Here now it's wide open and admitted, elected officials threatening a private citizen in their own party.  Now, nobody knows if Nadler was one of them, but what do we think, Snerdley?  Was it members of the city council?  Yeah, it's what we've heard.  Members of the New York City council that were calling Zuccotti and saying, "Hey, back off."  And the protestors are all worried they're gonna be thrown out of the place.  That's the pretext for the clean up. (interruption) How does a guy own a park in New York?  He owns the property, makes a park out of his office complex there.  It's not a big deal.  How does a guy own a park in New York?  Oh, he's clearly in the top 1%.  Yeah, this is the kind of guy the protestors think ought to be in jail.  Yeah, yeah. 

In fact, let's go to the Occupy Wall Street protestors.  This is in Washington at the Occupy DC protest.  MRC TV correspondent Dan Joseph interviewed various unidentified protestors about their beliefs.  He's running around asking various questions of these people. "Do you support a single payer health care system?"

Unidentified Man 1:  Absolutely.
Unidentified Woman 1:  Yes.

Unidentified Man 2:  Yes.

Unidentified Woman 2:  Absolutely.

Unidentified Man 3:  Yes, I do.

Unidentified Woman 3:  No.  It has to be single payer universal.

Unidentified Woman 4:  I think maybe a better answer would be a sliding fee scale.

Dan Joseph:  Clarify on that.  What do you mean?

Unidentified Woman 3:  So it's not just single payer, but it's for everybody.

Dan Joseph:  Okay.

Unidentified Man 4:  People in Cuba are much better off today than they were then.

Dan Joseph:  Okay.

Unidentified Man 4:  Cuba has the best medicine in the western hemisphere...

Dan Joseph:  Better than us? 

Unidentified Man 4:  Yes, better than America.

RUSH:  Where do you think this lunatic gets the idea that Cuba has the best medicine in the western hemisphere?  Well, it's not just elected Democrat officials.  Michael Moore made a movie, Sicko, and that was its premise.  He took people from New York or somewhere in the United States that couldn't get health care and put them on a boat and took them down to Havana.  It's a pure, unadulterated lie.  You've also had Hollywood actors who have made the same claim.  People like Sean Penn and others claiming that Cuba has the best medical care.  That's why when Fidel Castro -- you know what really happened to Castro? 

You know what really happened to him?  One of the intestines had a problem and the fix for it was a bag, a colostomy bag.  And he didn't want that so he made a surgeon, a Cuban surgeon go in there and repair, and it got profoundly infected, surgery was bad, and they had to call in a doctor from Spain. Cuba's medical care is so good they had to call in a doctor from Spain to come over and save Castro's life.  He didn't want to walk around with a bag.  And of course Hugo Chavez apparently went to Cuba for his chemo.  Okay, so Cuba has the best medicine in the western hemisphere.  I tell you that the kook fringe of the Democrat Party is a bunch of lunatics.  This is who they are.  That is something they really believe.  Let's listen to the rest of the bite.

Dan Joseph:  Do you support a government mandated living wage?

Unidentified Man 5:  Yes.

Unidentified Woman 4:  Absolutely.

Unidentified Man 6:  Yes.

Unidentified Man 7:  I do.

Unidentified Man 8:  I think that's really complex.

Unidentified Woman 5:  Yes.

Dan Joseph:  What should that be? 

Unidentified Woman 5:  Livable wage.

Dan Joseph:  Livable wage.

Unidentified Man 9:  Yes.

Unidentified Man 10:  I don't support a government mandated anything, pretty much.

Dan Joseph:  Okay.  How high should it be?

Unidentified Woman 6:  Whatever the cost of living is. So it should be engineered so it's consistent with people not having to struggle.

Unidentified Woman 7:  No.

Unidentified Man 11:  Everybody needs to make a contribution to society, and if they can't of course we're obligated to take care of them.

RUSH:  All right.  Everybody needs to make a contribution to society, and if they can't afford to, we're obligated to take care of them.  And Cuba is the best medical care in the western hemisphere.  Next question:  "What do you think of the Dodd-Frank financial reforms that were passed in 2009?"

Unidentified Woman 1:  I'm just learning a lot about the economy.

Dan Joseph:  That's okay.

Unidentified Woman 2:  Never heard of it.

Dan Joseph:  Never heard of them?  Okay.  What do you think of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill?

Unidentified Man 1:  I'm not familiar with that.

Dan Joseph:  Okay.

Unidentified Man 2:  I'm not familiar with it.

Dan Joseph:  Okay.

Unidentified Woman 3:  Um... I really don't think that any financial reform is going to work, no matter who did it.

Unidentified Man 3:  I really have not studied it so I'll withhold.

Unidentified Man 4:  I have to do more research on that before I can give a definitive answer.

Unidentified Man 5:  It's toothless; it's worthless.  They're doing the same things that they have done before.  You know, the country is owned by the corporate tyrannists.  They -- they -- they do basically what they are asked to do in the Congress.

Unidentified Man 6:  Unfortunately, I'm largely unfamiliar with the tax reforms.  I do wish I knew more, but I haven't had the time to study that yet.

Dan Joseph:  Okay, but what about specifically about Dodd-Frank?

Unidentified Woman 4:  No.

RUSH:  Clueless.  They don't know what Dodd-Frank is.  And notice, "Well, I have to study that further.  I haven't had time to study that."  And they are split on illegal immigration.  Dan Joseph, the correspondent here, "Do you believe in open borders immigration policy?"

Unidentified Woman 1: No.

Unidentified Man 1:  What do you mean by that?

Unidentified Man 2:  Yes.

Unidentified Man 3:  Many of the problems caused by illegal immigration is the fact that it is in fact illegal.

Unidentified Man 4:  No.

Unidentified Woman 2:  I would say yeah, but possibly because I want to emigrate to Canada. (laughing)

Dan Joseph:  What about you?

Unidentified Man 5:  I have reservations on that one.

Unidentified Man 1:  A lot of the jobs they do, Americans won't do, and right now as we're kicking these people out, we're losing other jobs because the people that used to do those jobs are gone, and they can't get even unemployed Americans to do those jobs.

Unidentified Woman 3:  Yep.

Unidentified Man 7:  Not without any kinds of qualifications, no.

RUSH:  So that is the cross section of opinion on illegal immigration, and again, all kinds of cliches that you hear there.  I got one more, the question, "Do you believe there should be a 50% cut in military spending?"  It's probably predictable what they're all gonna say.  We'll play it for you when we get back.


RUSH: Back to MRC TV correspondent Dan Joseph walking amongst the protestors at Occupy Wall Street Now.  Question:  "Do you believe there should be a 50% cut in military spending?"

Unidentified Man 1: That's being very conservative.

Unidentified Man 2:  I would say the majority of it is focused on defense rather than offense.

RUSH: What?

Unidentified Woman 1:  I'd feel better if it was 75.

Unidentified Man 3:  More.

Unidentified Woman 2:  More.

Unidentified Man 4:  Oh, absolutely.  I'd support a 75% cut.  It's insane.

Unidentified Man 5:  At least.

Dan Joseph:  At least?

Unidentified Woman 3:  At least.

Dan Joseph:  Okay.

Unidentified Woman 3:  Actually, I would say more like 80.

Dan Joseph:  Eighty percent cut in military spending?

Unidentified Woman 4:  Well...

Unidentified Man 6:  We'd still be spending more than everybody else.

Unidentified Woman 4:  Yeah, that's true.

Unidentified Man 7:  At least.

Unidentified Man 8:  At least.

Unidentified Woman 5:  Half of that cut I would like see spent on the Department of Peace.

Dan Joseph:  We don't have a Department of Peace.

Unidentified Woman 5:  Exactly. 

Unidentified Man 6:  At least.

Unidentified Woman 6:  If the military would have to go in and help after a flood or something like that, then I would say maybe an 80% cut.  But if we're only gonna use our military for military reasons, you know, for attacking and -- and invading other countries, I would ask for a hundred percent cut.

Dan Joseph:  Hundred percent, so no military at all?

Unidentified Woman 6:  No. 

RUSH:  Every one of these people vote Democrat.  Every one of these people is the product of the American public education system.  Well, doesn't even have to be public depending on how many of them went to college.  Every one of these people is either a student, a former student, has had close contact with the American public school system, they probably come from families with family members that have the same point of view, and they all vote Democrat, and they're all just ignorant.  What's the other word?  I'm being charitable, by the way, when I say ignorant.  Stupid, ill-informed, uninformed?  This is exactly the kind of voter the Democrat Party seeks.  Dumbed down, in a haze, knowing nothing, believing nothing other than the cliches and the BS that represents traditional Democrat Party policy.  They're just stupid, and you notice how smug they are about it.  They are arrogantly stupid.  This is what we're up against.  These are model citizens as far as the Democrat Party is concerned.


RUSH: I found a couple other sound bites here in the roster.  More questions put to the protestors in Washington.  MRC TV correspondent Dan Joseph.  Question:  "What do you think of people who don't believe in manmade global warming?"

Unidentified Man 1: While every opinion is valid, not all of them are based in fact.

Unidentified Man 2:  I think that for the most part they're on the payroll of the energy companies.

Unidentified Man 3:  I know a lot of them think that the earth goes in cycles, but we've been keeping records for a long time, and you can't argue with actual records.

Unidentified Man 4:  This is not necessarily an absolute, but either they're mistaken or they're intentionally dishonest.

Unidentified Man 1:  And I believe that some people, unfortunately, equate opinion with a factual basis and they say, 'Well, my opinion deserves to be entertained' even though there's no evidence supporting it.

Unidentified Man 2:  I think that they're very similar to religious people, where they've made up their mind, and they're going to rationalize any new information to fit with their original worldview instead of trying to process and digest new information

RUSH:  Once again, smug stupidity, arrogant, smug stupidity from these people.  Of course this last idiot, "I think they're very similar to religious people."  The global warming people are the people who are religious. Global warming is their religion.  And finally, "Do you believe in God-d?"

Unidentified Woman 1: I don't know.

Dan Joseph:  You don't know?
Unidentified Woman 1:  I don't know.

Unidentified Man 1:  As a personal thing?   No, I don't believe in any kind of personal deity.

Unidentified Man 2:  No, I am not atheist, but I am not particularly nonspiritual, either.

Unidentified Woman 2:  Yes.

Unidentified Man 3:  I don't not believe in God.

Unidentified Man 4:  Yes.

RUSH:  "I don't not believe in God."  That's kind of like, what did Sharpton say, it's so cockeyed, "Resist We Much."  "I don't not believe in God."  Smug arrogance.


RUSH: Christina, Fort Worth, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Great to talk to you.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  My comment is about these protesters. They're down on Wall Street, and people that work down on Wall Street are probably some of the hardest working people you're ever gonna come across.  My husband was on Wall Street for quite some time until we moved to Fort Worth, and he put in 15, 18 hour days and he was doing it and his bonuses were the majority of his pay but we're middle-class people, we're not making millions of dollars, they're down there, and they have the gall to be protesting, and they obviously don't even have jobs.  They're down there for weeks smelling and stinking up the place --

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  -- while hardworking people --

RUSH:  Okay.  Now, these people, as you've clearly heard, are entirely vacant when it comes to intelligence.  They know nothing. 

CALLER:  It's horrendous to listen to.  It's horrible.

RUSH:  Right, it is.  But I have a question.  They think what they think for some reason.

CALLER:  Because you're absolutely right.  It's because of American education.  In colleges and universities you have liberal professors teaching these kids.  I don't even want to send my kids to college.  I wish I could homeschool college because it's scary to think what these children are being taught at school that you pay for.

RUSH:  That's exactly right.  You heard on these sound bites, this is what you get if some kid shows up at any institution of higher learning or even high school and doesn't have any kind of a foundation to oppose this kind of authority.  They're gonna soak it up and they're gonna become mind-numbed robots marching for the Democrat Party.  These people, when they talk about Wall Street, they're not thinking of people like your husband.  They're thinking purely of the executives, the CEO.  That's all they think about, because that's who Obama has targeted.  That's who the Democrat Party has targeted.

CALLER:  I don't know if you've ever seen the movie Idiocracy.  It's a stupid movie --

RUSH:  Yep.

CALLER:  -- but that's where we're headed.  Our kids are being taught social, liberal ideas, and they think that they're entitled to things without working hard.  Whatever happened to working hard?  It's going out the window.

RUSH:  I don't think they're being taught.  I know I'm nitpicking here.  I think they're being programmed.  I think they're being propagandized.  What they're running around with is not the product of education.  But you are exactly right.  There are -- even at Notre Dame, I've got a story in the stack here.  There's a philosophy professor at the great and revered Notre Dame who is polluting students' minds about corporations, a philosophy professor who's poisoning their minds about corporations, how corporations are the antithesis of what's most important in a democracy, and that's the truth.  And it's an attack on advertising.  It's right out of John Kenneth Galbraith from the fifties.  It's just anti-American screed after anti-American screed.  And parents are spending 20, $30,000, maybe more in some cases per-semester to send their kids to these schools.

CALLER:  It's scary because I have two little children, and I'm just scared to see what the future holds for them.

RUSH:  Well, I think your kids are probably gonna be fine.  Now, they're gonna go through the normal rebellion against you.  How old are your kids now?

CALLER:  Three and five.

RUSH:  Okay.  In about ten years you're gonna be the stupidest woman on earth.

CALLER:  Yeah, you're right.

RUSH:  As far as they're concerned.  But regardless, they're going to take with them whatever you have taught them, and they're gonna have at least something to oppose what they're hearing by these professors if the situation is still the same.  Your kids, it's not gonna be as easy to brainwash.  It can happen, you're right to be worried about it.
Brainwashing is very easy when every aspect of the media and the school, the publishing industry and Hollywood.

CALLER:  Oh, yeah.

RUSH:  Like Michael Moore's movies or --

CALLER:  Oh, yeah, that guy talking about Cuba -- I'm a nurse, by the way -- the guy talking about Cuba and better health care.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  They're obviously smoking a crack pipe and listening to Michael Moore on top of it, but it's scary what people actually believe.

RUSH:  They might not be smoking a crack pipe.  They don't have to be smoking a crack pipe to believe that, is the point.  It's in movies, it's in television shows, in books.  They've grown up watching cartoons.  Ted Turner had a Saturday morning cartoon show called Captain Planet, and the hero attacked corporations for polluting the earth.  I mean kids have been overwhelmed with this stuff, and the only counterweight to it has been parents.

CALLER:  Well, I hope and pray that my children will have a better future, and --

RUSH:  That's gonna depend on getting rid of the Democrat Party.

CALLER:  Yeah, I was just gonna say, I'm voting for whoever's gonna take out Obama, whatever GOP candidate is gonna take out Obama.

RUSH:  At the ballot box.  Let's specify.  At the ballot box, in the purely electoral sense, exactly right.  Look, I'm glad you called, Christina.  Hang in there.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush.

RUSH:  I'll tell you when it's time to give up and move.  It's not time yet. It's not time.


RUSH: One of the scariest things about these so-called Wall Street protests is that these kids -- and there are a lot of adults in there, too -- are parroting and probably believing every last thing Obama and the Democrats want them to say and believe. Now, you go back to the sixties. Whatever happened to questioning authority? These really are walking zombies. These are Obama Zombies. These are the kinds of people that totalitarians dream of. This is a model citizen for Mao Tse-tung, until he's killed (the citizen, I mean). These people are model citizens for people like Fidel Castro, who believe that the government is the end-all to everything, the beginning and end. Government is the focus of everybody's life. Government is where you get everything that you get.

These people are model citizens, and they are the product of institutions that were established and have been run for decades by Democrats and liberals. We don't know what percentage of the population they are, but they're significant. They're not a majority, but they're significant, and I think their numbers are increasing because these people procreate -- whether they end up knowing it or not -- and create even more. They probably abort more than they end up creating, but regardless there are a lot of them. This is why so many of us for so many years have tried to say that the path to victory for this country has to be rooted in ideology. These people are the product of liberalism.

They're not the product of compassion and good-heartedness and tolerance and all that other bogus stuff that supposedly attaches to liberals. This is nothing more than the success of ideological brainwashing -- mind bending, programming, propaganda, whatever you want to call it -- and it has to be countered with ideology as well. It's always going to be a battle because these are the kinds of people who think the purpose of government is to create citizens like this. The purpose of government is to implement their lifelong dreams. We want to deemphasize government in our lives and everybody else's lives.

We don't want to have never ending careers in government. We want fewer and fewer people in government. Now, I have to add a slight addenda. Some of the modern day conservative movement does want a large government, with them in charge. They're the kind of people that talk about, "We want a powerful and active executive," meaning president. They want access to the federal Treasury. They want to spend it in ways they think. We have some so-called conservatives who do believe in the whole notion of big government because they'll tell you that they think that's what the people want, "And so if we're going to survive politically as conservatives we're gonna have to make some concessions and give the people what they want."

If they want big government we're gonna have to concede that. It's part of the split that has occurred within the so-called conservative movement. I guess I'm referring to the neocons if you want to know specifically who. The neocons as they are known by others, but just to identify them. The neocons believe in an active, large, powerful executive with conservative values. (interruption) Oh, it's domestic, too. It's not just foreign policy. Neocons are identified with foreign policy, yeah, but it's the same bunch of people who have that desire for domestic policy as well.


RUSH: These kids, these protestors, are exactly why I stressed "principle and ideology over policy" as a strategy for conservatives and Republicans to win elections during my CPAC speech of a year and a half ago.



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