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Obama Wasn't Ready to Be President || Wall Street Protesters || How Occupy Wall Street Really Got Started

Regime Admits Obamacare Won't Work

RUSH: The regime says that it is unable to implement a long-term care insurance program that was part of Obamacare, effectively ending the program before it started. They did this late in the afternoon on Friday. Document dump Friday, it's called. You put out the bad news when nobody's paying any attention, it gets ignored, not commented on over the weekend.

This is the CLASS Act. It was included in Obamacare to help Americans cover the cost of aid for daily living needs if they became unable to care for themselves.

The Tangled Web: Obama Approves Loan for Zuccotti Park Owners

RUSH: We have the mayor's girlfriend on the board at Brookfield Asset Management, which just happens to own a wind farm project that needs some money. And they just happen to have a park suitably close to Wall Street for a bunch of vermin to show up and protest in. So they get the money, and the protesters and Obama get the use of the park. And the mayor doesn't kick 'em out, and doesn't require any permits or any of that.


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