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Callers React to Death of Khadafy


RUSH:  The United States government, the Hillary Clinton State Department is saying they still cannot confirm that Khadafy is dead.  Libyan leaders are telling the Associated Press that Khadafy is indeed room temperature, but Hillary says, (paraphrasing) "We can't confirm this yet out there. We're trying to figure it out as to what happened."  The one thing about this, okay, Osama Bin Laden gone, Hosni Mubarak gone, Sheik Awlaki gone, and now if this holds up, Khadafy gone.  Do you realize Obama is using up his October Surprises a year early?  This is normally the kind of stuff that happens three weeks before an election, not a year before an election.  So who's gonna be left for the United States government to take out at the direction of Barry Obama?  He's running out of bad guys.  Well, I guess they can always pop up.  You never know. 

We also haven't heard whether or not the protesters at Occupy Wall Street approve of this.  There have been a number of people that have gone down and looked at their list of demands, nobody has seen on their list of demands "Get rid of Khadafy."  So it remains to be seen what the impact with those people will be. 


RUSH: We'll start in Pittsburgh.  Hi, Brendan.  You're up first today.  Great to have you with us, sir.

CALLER:  Hi.  How you doing, Rush?

RUSH:  Good.  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I was on my way out the door to head to school about an hour ago and I noticed the videos of Khadafy bleeding and pretty much dying on TV.  What's your opinion on that picture on TV and we still haven't, you know, seen pictures of Bin Laden or --

RUSH:  Well, the difference there is that the video, and I've seen it, there's a 20-second video of what looks to be Khadafy in the back of a truck, basically being savagely murdered.  He's already bleeding, but they drag him off the truck and shoot him, it's a 20-second video, from an Arab website.  It's tribal savagery.  There's no question.  But that's not US video.  The only people that have pictures of Bin Laden's death are us, and we chose not to release the pictures.  We have no control over the -- well, I shouldn't say no, who knows who's in bed with who, but I'm of the impression that this little 20-second video is from an Arab website and we have no control over it. As Herman Cain was trying to say in the debate the other night, he said apples and oranges kind of thing.  But the video, I think it's up on Drudge, it's very jumpy, and you have to look at it two or three times to confirm that it's Khadafy.  But it's pretty tribal, pretty savage.  This is the kind of chaos that's happening all over the world and it's ratcheting up and there are people who want to benefit from this. 

Daniel, Casper, Wyoming, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush, a couple of points.  I've talked to you before, former Airborne Ranger guy.  I thought the British and the French and the Italians were going after Khadafy.  I thought we were not doing that, that's my first comment, why everybody is so excited about it.

RUSH:  Well, you're getting caught up --

CALLER:  The Republicans ought to get out and congratulate the French and the Brits and the Italians.

RUSH:  Well, you're getting caught up in a common trap, and that is that you are, for some reason, obsessed with truth and --

CALLER:  Yeah, the facts.

RUSH:  Yeah, and the truth, and the media and the Obama regime are not at all aligned.  I think for the longest time there has been confusion exactly what is our role in Libya, and who is running this show.  Is it NATO?  Is it the French?  Is it the Brits?  Is it the Italians?  But who actually did this?  I mean if you look at the video, it looks to me like Libyans killed Khadafy.  It looks like whoever it is on the ground -- but it doesn't matter.  None of this matters.  The narrative, the template is Obama did it.  And that's all that matters whether it had anything to do with the truth or not, Obama did it.  Obama needs a shot in the arm.  Obama's campaign needs a boost.  Foreign policy, they'll take it anywhere they can get it.  So Khadafy's dead, Obama did it, end of story.



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