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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: EU Deal Gooses DOW || Surprise: Dems on Super Committee Want Huge Tax Hike || Iraq War Vet Critically Injured in Occupy Oakland

Morning Update: Pipe Down

Piper Aircraft Incorporated -- one of America’s best-known corporate jet makers -- has announced layoffs: 150 employees and 55 other contract workers will be looking for new jobs after the company decided to suspend their “light business jet” program.

The Big Education Racket

RUSH: The Democrat Party and the American left have their enemies list, and it's basically any private sector industry that is a success. The one institution in this country that is immune from such attack is education. Those people can charge whatever they want!

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On the Rushwire: Chest X-Rays Don't Prevent Lung Cancer ... EPA Rules Hamper Border Agents ... Khadafy Kin to Sue NATO ... Rangel Argues for Radical Redistribution ...


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