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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Global Warming! October Snowstorm to Hit Northeast || Super Committee || Where's Your Messiah Now?

El Rushbo at Career Crossroads?

RUSH:  I'm gonna create all kinds of problems here by admitting it, but I'm gonna go ahead and admit it. There are things that I really am interested in that I am not talking about, and it's very frustrating. It really is. I have always, no matter what it is, talked about the things that I really passionately care about.

Morning Update: Dolphin Alliance

smallI stumbled across an odd headline: "Researcher Discovers Male Bottlenose Dolphins Using Social Network to Secure a Mate." Have dolphins, who liberals insist are smarter than humans, finally discovered Facebook?

Smokers Deserve a Medal

RUSH: They continue to suffer the abuse -- the verbal abuse, the onslaught, the attack on their freedoms. And yet they continue to buy and they continue to pay these higher taxes, all to support and fund health care programs for our children.

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On the Rushwire: Obamacare Popularity is at All-Time Low ... Protesters Prepare for Valley Forge Moment ... Elizabeth Warren: Mother of Occupy Wall Street ... Medicaid Spending Stimulus Expires ... Did Obama Appointee Access Confidential Database to Smear Perry? ...


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