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Obamacare Popularity is at All-Time Low
RUSH: "Support for [Obamacare] has hit its lowest point since the law passed in March 2010, says a new monthly poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation. After months of split support for the law, 51 percent of respondents to the latest poll had an unfavorable view while only 34 percent" support Obamacare. Now, just yesterday the Washington Times had a very dispiriting column about the opposition to Obamacare "dimming." Now, that, to be fair, was opposition in Washington among elected Republicans, that they've done everything they could. They can't force it because they don't have the votes, they don't have enough votes to override an Obama veto and they sent their repeal bill up and been there, done that. I'm glad they actually wrote the piece because I think it's helpful for all of you to know that the effort or the support for repealing Obamacare is "dimming" somewhat.

Remember, now, two of the reasons, "Well, you know, Rush, there's a couple things in Obamacare that we think our voters really like. Keeping the kids on the policy 'til they're 26 and preexisting conditions. We think people like those things." So there's a, shall we say, "lessening of intensity," but not among the voters. Do not believe that there is a falling off of intensity either to get rid of Obama next election or to get rid of Obamacare. In fact, it's just the opposite. It's ratcheting up. People have had it! You don't see it covered in the media. Right now you're looking all that wonderful orgasmic news about the economy coming back, but don't doubt me. The numbers of people fed up with what's happening in this country and the intensity that they feel about it is increasing. All the polling data on passion to vote: Republicans cream the Democrats in that category.

Protesters Prepare for Valley Forge Moment
RUSH: Honestly, folks, I kid you not when I tell you that Occupy Wall Street protesters are saying to themselves and to us that they are gearing up for their "Valley Forge moment." From the San Francisco Chronicle (actually it's an AP story): "Anti-Wall Street protesters around the country who are vowing to stand their ground against the police and politicians are also digging in against a different kind of adversary: cold weather. With the temperature dropping, they are stockpiling donated coats, blankets and scarves, trying to secure cots and military-grade tents, and getting survival tips from the homeless people who have joined their encampments." Now, stop and think of that: Occupy Wall Streeters are soliciting survival tips from the homeless -- and don't forget this. They have done thermal imaging of the tent city at Occupy London at night, and they have found that 90% of the tents are empty.

Those spoiled brats go back to mom and dad's house, toke up, spend the night, come back the next day and make it look like they never left. "'Everyone's been calling it our Valley Forge moment,' said Michael McCarthy, a former Navy medic in Providence. 'Everybody thought that George Washington couldn't possibly survive in the Northeast.'" It's not even November. Now, there is gonna be a little snowstorm in the Northeast -- Connecticut, New York, Boston, may see some flakes. (interruption) No, it's not a blizzard. Given how early it is in the season, it's a significant snow. But to compare themselves to George Washington? (laughing) It's our Valley Forge moment?

"More than a month and a half into the movement, Occupy Wall Street activists from New York to Colorado have pledged to tough out the snow, sleet and cold as they protest economic inequality and what they call corporate greed. But the dangers of staying outdoors in some of the country's harsher [climates] are already becoming apparent: In Denver, two protesters were hospitalized with hypothermia this week during a storm that brought several inches of snow. The activists also know full well that the number of demonstrators is likely to drop as the weather gets colder. Some movements are scouting locations indoors, including vacant buildings or other unused properties, possibly even foreclosed homes, though some question the wisdom of holding a protest outside the public eye."

(laughing) In other words: If we go inside nobody's gonna see us.

Elizabeth Warren: Mother of Occupy Wall Street
RUSH: "U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said Thursday that the Wall Street protests were 'independent' and 'organic,' conceding that she misspoke during an earlier interview in which she seemed to be taking credit for the movement. 'What I meant to say was I've been protesting Wall Street for a long time now.'" That's what she "meant to say." What she said was, "I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do." Now she's trying to walk that back by saying, "The Occupy Wall Street movement is organic, it is independent, and that's how it should be." She really didn't have that much to do with it. Why would she walk this back? Are the Occupy Wall Street people getting mad over who's getting credit for this? Why would she walk this back? The only reason she'd walk it back is if it's gonna hurt her campaign. This woman, by the way, is the one who oversaw TARP. She's the one. She was in the regime. She oversaw the TARP bailouts. She's a Harvard professorette.

Medicaid Spending Stimulus Expires
RUSH: Governor Jerry Brown is risking a backlash on his pension plan. "Governor Jerry Brown of California proposed a sweeping overhaul of California pension..." Wait, I don't care about this. (crumbles up paper) Nah, I don't care. I don't care about it today. I don't. Let's see. I can't read this one. That's too small. (crumbles up paper) Ah! Here's one. "The expiration of federal stimulus funding for Medicaid has dealt a blow to states still struggling to recover from the economic downturn, according to figures released yesterday. To compensate for the less of extra federal Medicaid dollars this June, states have increased their spending on the program by an average of 29%." Does that make sense? To compensate for the loss of revenue they're spending more? It's a Washington Post story, and it's a sob story.

Some people might find it odd or might be news to you that Medicaid spending was stimulus, but it was. The expiration of federal stimulus funding for Medicaid. Did you know that the original Porkulus bill had money in it for Medicaid -- and that's how we were gonna rebuild roads and bridges and schools and have shovel-ready jobs, by having more money for Medicaid in the states? Now, like all other areas of the Porkulus, the money's running out, and the states don't know what to do. So they're spending more. "Tracy Gordon, a researcher at the Brookings Institution, who specializes in state budgets..." Boy, what a career that is. Can you imagine getting up every day and saying this is what you get to do? "Yeah, I'm gonna go and study state budgets!"

She said that there "were signs of progress nevertheless. The growth in Medicaid enrollment is slowing, and states have had six straight quarters of revenue growth. Still, she said, state revenues remain at least 6% lower than prerecession levels, and the states are projecting a total of $46 billion in budget shortfalls for the fiscal year that will start next July" because the stimulus is ending. "She said that one option nobody is pushing is another round of federal stimulus spending to help us out. 'I really think it just boils down for the federal government's budget challenges,' she said. 'In this environment I think additional aid to the states just isn't gonna be forthcoming, but that's the solution.'" We just need more stimulus. We need more money for Medicaid from the government. Wait 'til you see Obamacare, Ms. Gordon, when that gets implemented. Wait 'til you see what kind of problems the states will be in then.

Did Obama Appointee Access Confidential Database to Smear Perry?
RUSH: Let's see. Ta ta ta ta. "At [Pajamas Media], terrorism researcher Patrick Poole reports that Mohamed Elibiary, an appointee on President Obama's Homeland Security Advisory Council, is in hot water with the Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS). The issue is whether Elibiary used his privileged access to a state law-enforcement database to acquire intelligence reports and then tried to shop them to the media, urging that they showed rampant 'Islamophobia' at TDPS under Governor Rick Perry." So a regime employee -- a regime employee! -- at Homeland Security got hold of some data at a state law enforcement database and was shopping it to the media, hoping to get them to use it against Governor Rick Perry of Texas on the basis he's an Islamophobe.

"Poole says no story was published because, according to one press source, there was 'nothing remotely resembling Islamophobia' in the leaked reports," but that didn't stop the guy. The Obama regime guy still tried to shop reports he said, "Hey, look at this! Perry's an Islamophobe!" and he shopped it around. The media took the stuff, obviously. But they didn't run it because they said: There's no Islamophobia here. We don't see any Islamophobia. "Elibiary, you'll no doubt be stunned to learn, was also on the Obama DHS's working group on 'countering violent extremism.' That's the brain-trust that helped devise the new Obama counterterrorism strategy I outlined ... that envisions having law-enforcement pare back their intelligence-gathering activities and take their marching orders from 'community partners.'"

Let me run that by you again. That might sound a little bit convoluted. This guy, Mohamed Elibiary, who went to database in Texas and tried to find some info on Perry; got some info on Perry, then shopped it to the media trying to get them to run stories on Perry being an Islamophone. The media didn't because the database didn't have any such information. This is the same guy who "was also on the Obama DHS's working group on 'countering violent extremism.' That's the brain-trust that helped devise the new Obama counterterrorism strategy I outlined ... that envisions having law-enforcement pare back their intelligence-gathering activities and take their marching orders from 'community partners.'"

So what that means is that this guy from Obama told the cops and local law enforcement, "Don't do any investigations. We'll tell you who the bad actors are in the neighborhood. We'll tell you who these security threats are. We will tell you who the terrorist threats are. You stop looking for 'em," and of course the purpose of that is so the regime can make sure that the real terrorism culprits are not identified. Make no bones about this. That's exactly what this is -- and this is the guy trying to shop non-news, fake news about Perry being an Islamophobe to the media.


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