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 "Herman Cain sang Amazing Grace at the National Press Club -- and, of course, The Politico thinks that's 'surreal.' They thought they had him dead to rights. You know, a lot of people are gonna be hearing Herman Cain for the first time now, and he doesn't come off as a serial sexual harasser."

"Wallace Isaacson's book on Steve Jobs has given rise to every emotion I have. I've gotten choked up. I've got misty-eyed. I've gotten angry. I've felt regret. I've felt short-changed. Every emotion possible I've had reading this book."

"I'm gonna admit to you, folks, it gets frustrating being years ahead of people, because when you're years ahead they ought to catch up years ago."

"Herman Cain exhibited no fear of the mainstream media. Herman Cain, on the campaign trail, is saying what he believes; proposing what he's proposing. This is how the mainstream media keeps the Republican Party in check: They're scared to death of this kind of thing happening to them. Pure and simple."

"The Democrats are on the verge of losing the Senate and the White House. In that circumstance, no smear is too low because everything's at stake here. Liberalism's at stake. Liberalism is at risk of getting a pink slip."

"The Democrats and Michelle are running around attacking the Republican base, attacking 'the 1%,' attacking the achievers of this country: The people who are self-reliant, the people who are working, the people who are paying taxes, the people whose income is being redistributed. Those are the people under assault, those are the people being attacked -- and it's time that everybody on our side woke up here and understood that we are in the majority."

"Herman Cain stood up to the media, he did not act afraid, and so he had to be slapped down. Is it coincidental this all happened at night before he's to address the National Press Club today?"

"To listen to these reporters, Chuck Todd, some of these people talk about seeing a guy smoke a cigarette in a Politico ad, you would have thought somebody was about to inject them with a killer disease. It was just unconscionable, it's unacceptable, they can't understand it."

"There aren't any coincidences in politics. There are no coincidences in politics at all."

"You know, all these companies that go green, have these sales promotions that go green, they figure there's enough idiots out there that think that buying the product will help save a polar or the planet that they'll do it. Even if they don't happen to personally believe in the politics of it, they'll still do it."

"The people not paying their fair share are the people that vote for Obama. The nation's losers, the nation's takers."

"Each purchase of a white Coca-Cola can supports false testimony on global warming perpetration of the myth about endangered polar bears. It's a hoax and they are raising money for a hoax through the holidays by way of the sale of Coke products in white polar bear cans."

"Somebody just asked me in an e-mail, 'Do you get tired of people should-ing you all the time?' Meaning, 'Rush, you should do that and you should do that.' Nah. Sometimes it does, but most of the time it doesn't. I understand the singular hope people have in me to save the country, and I'm up to it, and we'll save the Senate. We'll do everything we can at the appropriate time."

"There is another positive thing about Two If By Tea. There is not one aspect of it that is environmentally destructive. Quite the opposite. Our tea does not emit carbon, pure and simple. We can't be destroying ozone or anything else. All we do with our tea is bring smiles of pleasure and enjoyment."

"Have you noticed, by the way, folks, that all of these terms, like Borked, Palined, Thomased, there are never any Democrats' names that describe being personally destroyed by the media? Only Republican names, somebody got Borked. But nobody ever said, 'Yeah, somebody got Kennedyed.' Nobody ever said somebody got Weinered. Of course the waitresses did get Kennedyed, you know, at La Brasserie with Chris Dodd."


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