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The War on Christianity


RUSH: Michael in New York City, glad you waited.  You're on Open Line Friday.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush, thank you so much.  I appreciate it, everything that you do, actually.  Informing people the way you do.  I really appreciate it.

RUSH:  Thank you very, very much.  Sounds like you even appreciate it when I'm not working.

CALLER: (chuckling) Absolutely.

RUSH:  "Everything" I do.

CALLER:  Rush...

RUSH:  If you only knew! Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee.

CALLER:  There is something that's kind of a different different direction.  Here in New York, this whole Zuccotti Park thing, many of the people that have been interviewed, one of the questions that have been asked is: Do they believe in God -- and many of them have said no.  And I notice, I'm a churchgoer, I'm not one of those, you know, Bible carrying right-wingers. I am a Republican, I am a conservative, I'm a county committee member, but bothers me is that increasingly in my own parish I notice that fewer and fewer children and younger people are coming, and it seems that over the years the generations are just not emphasizing God and faith, and without faith there's no remorse.  I guess for me, I'm more concerned about my children years from now what's gonna happen to them they're part of that really small minority that do have that belief and think twice about what they're doing and --

RUSH:  You know, I agree with you about this.  I think this is contributory to the notion that the nation could lose its soul.

CALLER:  Oh, I agree.  I agree.

RUSH:  Let me tell you a little story.  I read Phil Mushnick every Friday, Sunday, and Monday in the New York Post.  He's a sports columnist, but his expertise and focus is in the area of... of... ah, morality and sports and how our moral decline is being led by (or severely contributed to) by sports.  He cites something that happened in his column today last Sunday in the Denver Broncos-Detroit Lions game.  The quarterback of the Broncos is Tim Tebow, and Tim Tebow has made no secret of the fact that he's a devout Christian, and he's laughed at for this.  During the game there were two instances that Mushnick writes about where Tebow was sacked, I believe. Two different Lions players taunted and mocked him after the sack by getting on the ground and mocking the whole notion of praying.  There were no penalties called -- and there are taunting rules in football.

There were no penalties called, and Mushnick's point is that it is perfectly fine, even now in American sports, to make fun of good people.  Good people are no longer marketable because they're boring.  But the bad actors, the guys that shoot themselves with guns at nightclubs at three in the morning? They're the people are gonna be on the cover of magazines. They're the ones that get all the feature stories on ESPN.  The good guys, we can laugh at 'em, and we can make fun of 'em -- particularly if we're laughing at their religion.  Now, if the quarterback were a Muslim, we couldn't do it. If the quarterback were Jewish, we couldn't do it, but since Tebow is a white Christian? This is Mushnick's theory and he was pointing out how none of the announcer crew at this game even pointed it out, even though it was right there for every viewer to see.  It's a point that dovetails with what you're making.  Not only do these people down at Occupy Wall Street claim not to believe in God, the whole concept is made fun of as old-fashioned and quaint and boring and nerdy.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Yeah.

RUSH:  And get this story.  Now, get this. I found this today. This is right up your alley, too.  This is Fox News and Commentary, a guy named Todd Starnes.  "The Air Force Academy..." I'm not making up a word of this. "The Air Force Academy apologized last night after it was accused of religious intolerance for promoting Operation Christmas Child in an e-mail.  Operation Christmas Child is a program designed to send holiday gifts to poor children around the world.  The Military Religious Freedom Foundation said that military commanders crossed the line when they promoted the program, which is sponsored by Franklin Graham, Billy Graham's son.  Operation Christmas Child said they expect to send more than eight million shoebox gifts to poor kids in a hundred countries. 

"Sixty thousand churches, 60,000 community groups in the US are participating." Now, the guy who got all this started is Mikey Weinstein. He is president of a group that opposes this, and he said this is a proselytizing entity of Franklin Graham. "He filed a complaint on behalf of 132 Air Force Academy personnel, including two sets of Muslim-American parents.  The attack on Operation Christmas Child has generated outrage across the country.  Randy Forbes, a Republican from Virginia, said it's another anti-faith effort that we're seeing by this administration.  Tony Perkins, the president of Family Research Council, told Fox News this is evidence that the Obama [regime] is engaged in a culture war beyond measure."  So you had a couple of Muslim parents complain to a group, a watchdog group that this is a Christian effort that made 'em uncomfortable and so the Air Force has been forced to pull out of a charity operation to give poor kids in a hundred countries Christmas presents.

CALLER:  It's terrible.  I have a 12-year-old daughter who wants to start a food drive, and we talked to the parish about it, and the parish is a hundred percent behind her.  She wants to get her friends involved, and I had indicated to her that, like us, I'm not gonna just have... She happens to be 12 years old. I'm not gonna have her go knocking door-to-door, handing out these fliers, indicating that she wants to do this food drive to help the local food bank within our own community.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  She had started to recruit some of your friends, but I said, "My only stipulation is, I want the parents involved. I want the parents to go with the kids.  I don't want them walking around the whole neighborhood.  Just walk up and down their block. That's all I'm asking," and so far she's only had one child now that's said "yes," that the parent would agree.  Many of the other parents have said, "No," because they have to be involved in this. They want to let child do it on their own.

RUSH:  Well, they're just afraid of being stigmatized.  That's another success of the pressure that's been applied.  Michael, I gotta take a break.  I'm way long in this segment and I gotta get outta here now but I'm glad you called.  I appreciate it.  That Air Force story is true, every word of it. I didn't make up anything.



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