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Two If By Tea Contest Winner: Gladys


RUSH: By the way, folks, we have a really, really cool promotion for Two If By Tea. The greatest, the best tasting iced tea in the country. Of course it's mine. We are gonna be announcing it soon. It's the greatest promotion yet. Oh, by the way, a lot of people have been asking, "Who won the tea that you personally delivered it to?" The woman's name is Gladys, but I'm not gonna tell you where she lives and I'm not gonna tell you her last name because she doesn't deserve the hassle. She's the sweetest lady, and Kathryn and I delivered the tea Friday night to her house. She had some family and friends there, eight people. We were in there for about an hour and a half and had just a blast, a terrific good time with Gladys and her family and friends.

We posted a couple of pictures on our Facebook page and at RushLimbaugh.com of me with Gladys who was the winner of a year's supply of Two If By Tea personally delivered by Kathryn and me. So the pictures are up there. Gladys, I know you're listening. She listens every day. She's just a pistol. We had a terrifically good time with her and her family, and thank you for opening your house to us. She was amazed... I probably shouldn't admit this. She knew we were coming on Friday but we didn't tell her exactly when for security reasons. I'm sure you all understand. But she told me that she kept waiting all day for Secret Service types to show up to go through the house, to pat her down, to pat down her family, to ask who all was showing up, do a search and all that, and that didn't happen.

(interruption) Stalin didn't show up. No, no. We just walked in there. We called her 15 minutes before we were due. She knew we were going that day but she didn't know when. She had no clue what time. We told her only 15 minutes before. We drove up. She was waiting outside for us. We got out of the of the SUV, Kathryn and I; we walked in there. We had a couple cases of tea with us. We walked inside and met everyone and sat down for an hour and a half and left -- and she couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe it. So we were talking, Kathryn and I were talking later. "You know what? They're telling Gladys, 'You might have thought there wasn't any security here, but believe me, there were people scouting the neighborhood all day. Don't believe they just walk in there with no clue what's inside that house,'" but we did, 'cause we know the kind of people that are in the audience.

It was just a great time, and when you see Gladys' picture if you go to RushLimbaugh.com or our Facebook page, you'll understand. The antithesis of a threat is Gladys. So, Gladys, thanks again and congratulations to you.  



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