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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Obama to Tax Christmas || Paterno to Retire Amid Sex Scandal Cover-Up || Cain Weathers More Accusations

Examining Judge Silberman's Ruling

RUSH: Silberman is not young anymore, but I can remember the many times I've been introduced to him, people told me I was meeting "the pope of the law," and he came across that way. He's a man of impeccable integrity -- and conservative through and through, top to bottom, backwards and forwards.

Ohio Cost Dems Big Money

RUSH: You put $30 million of TV on the air that tells people that these evil Republicans want to take cops off the street and they want to make sure that the firemen aren't around when your house burns down, some people are not gonna take a chance that that's not true.

It's maddening.

It's entirely frustrating.

Morning Update: Fed Up!

The loser in 2008, Senator John McCain, now predicts a third political party will form because Americans are so frustrated.

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