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Newt Says Pelosi Ad Was Mistake


RUSH: This is Mr. Newt.  I guess he was at something called at the Center Seat.  They've added a new feature here to the Fox All Stars.  They turn the Fox All Stars from commentators into interrogators, ask 'em questions, and they bring a guest in there, and they put 'em in the "Center Seat," and all the commentators stop opinionizing and start asking.  So they brought Newt in there and Stephen Hayes, senior writer from the Weekly Standard, said, "That ad with Pelosi was a striking ad for a lot of Republicans around the country. Is the earth warming? If so, why is it warming? And what is that urgent action we need to take?" And here's what Newt had to say.

GINGRICH:  First of all, it's probably the dumbest single thing I've done in recent years.  (Krauthammer laughs)  It is inexplicable.  As somebody used say, you know, there aren't enough hay wagons to stand on to get people to understand that one.  So you just need to kind of relax and go, "That was dumb."
KRAUTHAMMER:  Were you being held hostage for that?

GINGRICH:  No, it was just dumb.  I was trying to do something I failed to do.  I do think it's important for conservatives to be in the middle of the debate over the environment.  I actually don't know whether global warming is occurring.  The vast majority of the National Academy of Science says it is; a minority says it is not.  Science is not actually voted on; science is a function of truth.

RUSH:  Newt, Newt, Newt, Newt.  No! 

GINGRICH:  What I do know is that -- that if you look at exactly what's said in that ad, finding innovative new ways of getting cleaner energy ought to be something most Americans feel pretty comfortable with.

RUSH:  See, this is what happens.  He just went five sentences too far.  There isn't any global warming.  I mean, even the NASA people, they're now trying to explain why the cooling is taking place, and they're trying to come up with all kinds of lies and escape-hatch reasons why there isn't any warming, it's some temporary thing.  There is no global warming.  It's getting colder.  The charts, the data, it all proves it.  And so to say that conservatives need to be in the middle of the debate over the environment, we need to be in the middle of killing -- it is nothing more than a left-wing political weapon aimed at growing government, limiting freedom, raising taxes by blaming people for causing climate destruction, and the way you make 'em pay for it, save the planet, is to raise their taxes. 

I don't know.  You know, Newt is catching fire, by the way.  He is starting to resonate.  The way things are shaping up here in the primary, I don't know where it's going to end up for Newt, but he is being taken a lot more seriously right now than he was a month ago. He's in third place; he's raising money; he's rising in stature; he's been consistent.  And it's a great illustration of what I've been trying to say for the longest time.  It's way too soon to declare anybody the nominee.  This isn't over.  And there's no reason for depression and no reason to go out there and be all defeatist over this.  Way too much can still happen on both sides.  It's sort of what makes it exciting.



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