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Big Sis Botched Emergency Test
RUSH: From CBS News: the alert didn't work, the 30-second test of the emergency alert system scheduled to be begin at two p.m. Eastern time.  It appears that there may have been a problem with the audio message.  Some viewers reported seeing the alert.  Some radio listeners reported hearing nothing but dead air for 30 seconds.  Others reported hearing a garbled message.  Now, remember, this is the crowd that wants to run your health care.  These people could not manage a one-car funeral.  These are the people that are going to be warning us about a terrorist attack.  Very reassuring out there. 

Memphis Schools Offer Supper
RUSH: This is in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. That's the name of the newspaper there. "Going Home Full: Memphis City School Offer Supper to Students -- At 2:30 in the afternoon..." By the way, this is written by it's either Jane or Jana. Again I'm dealing with something here I need a telescope to read, and I think it's Jane Roberts. The story is written as though, "Oh, this makes perfect sense! Schools serving supper? Oh, wonderful! It makes perfect sense. "At 2:30 in the afternoon, it's been four hours since lunch, and Will Adams, 11, needs more than a snack to get through his day, which ends at 6 p.m. when after-care closes.

"He and hundreds of other students got a meal ticket upgrade last week when Memphis City Schools rolled out after-school supper in 70 schools -- free to students in its after-hours enrichment programs. 'With a snack, I'd go home hungry,' said Will. 'With supper, I go home full.'" I'm amazed that this kid has a home to go home to. Listen to this! 'With a snack, I'd go home hungry,' said [eleven-year-old] Will. 'With supper, I go home full.'" You mean there are people in a building that's called home, like a mother and a father who care for and feed this kid, or not? Why does this kid need supper at school? You know, I'll tell you what, folks. You know where this is headed? To hell with home! The kids live at school.

You and your spouse -- the sperm meets the egg -- the kid's born and off to school he goes, and you might see him on weekends, but you're not gonna be expected to feed him. They'll take care of that at school. Going home is going to be the exception. Going home is going to be the odd thing about school. "With supper, I can home full." Why would you even be thinking of that? (interruption) I have enough... Snerdley, I have enough trouble staying focused today without you asking me if the kids have clean underwear. Are you doing a riff on the diaper thing here? I am stunned here, because we're gonna feed kids supper at school and the little 11-year-olds are gonna be the people that appear in the commercial for it, in the ad. I mean, "With a snack I go home hungry, but with supper I go home full."

Why go home? Home is nonsense. Just raise it all 24/7 at the school. All they do at home is sleep. "As part of Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids legislation passed in 2010," Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids legislation! "the federal government is now in the supper business, budgeting $641 million over 10 years to make sure children in the nation's ever-growing poor pockets get one more balanced meal a day. 'It's wonderful,' said Larry Hopson, site coordinator at Shelby Oaks Elementary where about 100 children -- prekindergarten to fifth grade -- were at long cafeteria tables for their second government-subsidized meal -- if not the third -- that day." Again the writer, this Jane Roberts, thinks oh, this is wonderful. She's writing about this as though: Whoa this the greatest invention ever: Supper at school! Why didn't previous generations think of this?

Larry Hopson, the site coordinator, is quoted here as saying he's kids "are really enjoying carrots and ranch dressing dip. It's exciting." (interruption) It is what he said here. "Friday, there were chicken fiesta salads -- iceberg dotted with a confetti of black beans, cheese corn and diced tomato -- plus ham sandwiches on wheat, apples, raw carrots and cherry tomatoes. Schools and community groups are reimbursed $2.77 per supper, plus slightly more than 22 cents in federal commodities. The money has to cover food costs, plus labor to make the meals, ship them to the schools and cover costs of serving and cleanup. 'Here's the reality: For a lot of the kids that come to school, the only real meal they can count on comes from the school,' said Tony Geraci, new executive director of MCS school nutrition program."

I'm not kidding. "For a lot of the kids that come to school, the only real meal they can count on comes from the school. There is this enormous gap between lunch and breakfast the next day. Our goal is to fill the gap." Yeah, Tony, that's where is this mythical "home" with mythical "parents" are supposed to be filling the gaping mouths. Where are the parents in any of this? Don't call me an old fogy -- and, again, this is just written with full acceptance that this is okay. The reporter doesn't include any opposing idea. There's not one person that opposes this that's mentioned in the story. Wouldn't it have been nice maybe to find somebody who questions whether the federal government has the responsibility (or the money) to be funding supper? This is now three meals a day, plus there's a snack thrown in there because the story starts out here: "At 2:30 in the afternoon, it's been four hours since lunch, and Will Adams, 11, needs more than a snack," and whatever 11-year-old Will Adams wants, well, damn it! Will Adams is gonna get 'cause he's an American kid and he can't be expected to go home hungry! He can't be expected to go home and eat. Who does that anymore? It's in the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Stocks Plunge
RUSH: The market is down 417 points.  They really wanted that Christmas tree tax, and Obama yanked it out of there 'cause his base will not tolerate the government being involved promoting anything to do with Christmas.  He had to pull it outta there.  Apparently the markets really wanted that Christmas tree tax, and Obama yanks it, down 400 and some odd points. 


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