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The Castro Brothers Move Right


RUSH: This news actually hit last week and maybe the week before.  But I put it in the stack and it just kept being edged out in the arena of importance.  But now is a good time to mention because CNN, hot on the trail, just announced this.  It's two weeks old news, but CNN just announced that the Castros in Cuba are finally going to allow Cubans to buy and sell their houses.  They're even going to allow Cubans to have vacation homes.  The only problem is Cubans don't have the money to buy anything, but they now have the freedom to if they can come up with the money. (interruption) It is.  It's the Cuba Spring. 

So Raul and Fidel Castro Ruz, the brothers, are going to allow Cubans to buy and sell their houses for the first time in more than 50 years.  You watch their housing market turn out stronger than ours.  In fact, you know what?  Maybe, just maybe, if they're out there touting Huntsman as the guy to fill the conservative void now, why not one of the Castro brothers after this move?  Maybe we get one of the Castro brothers to be the conservative standard-bearer in the Republican primary field.  Yeah, appeal to the Hispanic vote, lock up the conservative vote in this country.  I mean, with this move the Castros are to the right of Obama these days.  In fact, the Castros are to the right of many establishment Republicans these days.