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Pearls of Wisdom

"I don't understand what's wrong with talking about menstrual cycles and synchronizing. If Carville had done it, they'd be yukking it up. 'Ahhhhh, man, isn't that James a funny guy? He's hysterical!'"

"Everybody knew who George Bush was. I know what some of you are saying. 'Hey, Rush, he came off that way sometimes: When the camera came on, he did look like deer in the headlights.' Doesn't matter. They know he's got a Harvard MBA, and these guys know you don't buy those. I don't care what anybody thinks. You've gotta get the grades to get the Harvard MBA, Wharton school; these things are not sold."

"I've always said what's good for Democrats is bad for America. What's bad for Democrats is good for America."

"Obama can't do something good for the country without harming his reelection chances, it's just amazing."

"These occupy encampments are exactly the kind of places the environmentalists envision for the future as a way to protect the planet. No electricity, no modern facilities, no use of fossil fuels, except when the rock stars come to do a concert, then it's okay."

"A hundred bucks on the golf course is a big deal. Bamn, straight in putt, back of the cup, plop, plop, and it was just a great ending. It just shows you never quit, anything can happen. Clutch Limbaugh."

"I don't carry anything less than hundreds, I never do."

"I don't understand this: 'Education Secretary Arne Duncan said this week that schools,' kindergarten, 'should incorporate personal finance into lesson plans.' Personal finance lessons to kindergarten students. Now, why would kindergarten students need to know anything about personal finance? By the time they grow up, they're not going to have any money of their own. It's gonna all be the government's."

"Dick Morris called one of the women involved in the Cain allegations a gold digger. But is he still a Democrat? I don't know."

"This school dinner business, just so that you understand this, the push for this is from the Service Employees International Union. It's a union deal because they run the kitchens. They run the kitchens, school cafeterias, and providing dinner at the schools gives the SEIU more employees and more wages, and therefore more union dues, which end up where? Circuitously right back at the Democrat Party."

"Critical thinking is not taught anymore."

"Now, I could understand when people meet me for the first time and they've never listened to the program, but they think they know everything about me -- and it's fun to look at people totally shocked that I am a nice, charismatic, engaging, dominate-the-room kind of guy. I can understand that."

"'Lack of Toilet Paper Leads Man to Destroy Charlotte Motel.' CBS Eyeball News Charlotte, North Carolina. 'Upset about the lack of it available in his room, he destroyed $2,090 worth of hotel property on Monday.' Now, remember, Sheryl Crow wanted us to limit ourselves to one or two sheets of toilet paper per usage. This is where this could possibly lead if she succeeds."

"I'm just gonna tell you something, if Obama wins reelection, this pipeline's gonna be approved after the election. The only reason he doesn't do it now is because it will upset his base."

"Political correctness is working: People are censoring themselves not for any reason other than somebody might get mad and get offended and start raising hell and act like a little whining baby or what have you. So back then, 1990, let's say, so that's 21 years ago, it was funny. It was rip-roaringly funny. Today, you ought to see the staff. "Don't, Rush, don't! Don't do it. No, no, no.' but in 1990? 'Do it! Yeah, keep on! That's as funny as hell!' From that to, 'Don't do it, Rush,' in just 21 years."

"Democrat speeches are not words, they're just noise."

"Folks, a day like today, Veterans Day, you might give a little extra consideration to the freedoms defined in our Constitution, all the men and women, families who have sacrificed to protect those freedoms."


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