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The Latest on the Penn State Scandal

RUSH: Do you know this Jerry Sandusky at Penn State has an autobiography?  You probably heard by now what the title of this thing is.  Touched: The Jerry Sandusky story.  Published in 2001.  The book explores Sandusky's career and his involvement in children's charities.  We all know what that involvement has allegedly been.  Paterno canned.  Students are rioting at Penn State, angry that their coach has been taken away from them.  The other two, the AD and the university president or somebody, two of the people, I think they've been fired but the university's paying for their defense.  Paterno is all on his own, I mean they've just really left him high and dry and hanging, so he's hired a big-time Washington defense lawyer.  He's been told he's not a target by prosecutors here, but anything can change. 

I was surfing around last night working on today's program, and I found or was directed to the Michael Moore website because there was a guy who'd posted something on the site that had a lot of left-wing blogs going nuts. They loved it. They thought this was right on the money. This is great.  So this thing was being promoted throughout the left-wing blogosphere yesterday and last night.  I never heard of this guy, Mike Elk.  He's a third generation union organizer and labor journalist based in Washington, and the point of his piece here, Penn State riots are about white men not liking to be held accountable.  Apparently this is one of the hottest posts throughout the left-wing blogosphere all day and last night. 

"If, like me, you scanned the crowds rioting at Penn State last night after the announcement of the firing of Joe Paterno, you may have noticed that nearly all the people there were white men. The riots were about white men not liking to be held accountable.  As a native Pennsylvanian, I never once considered attending Penn State University. Penn State always seemed like a place full of cliquish white people --" this guy is white, by the way "-- recalling their glory years of making fun of the dorky kids in high school." Looks like he was one. 

"More progressive white people and people of color went to big city state schools like Pitt or Temple while whiter, more conservative types tended to dominate the settings of the rural, fraternity-heavy Penn State campus.  At the center of Penn State’s conservative culture stood Joe Paterno -- who frequently campaigned and fundraised for conservative politicians throughout Pennsylvania. ... Penn State was a company town and football was the company that funded Penn State." He goes on to make the point that there's racism.  White guys don't like being held accountable.  To show how upset this guy really is, he says at the end, "As a Pennsylvanian, I could not be more ashamed of Penn State. This weekend I will instead be rooting for the University of California-Berkeley Golden Bears."

Well that's gonna really shake people up.  He's ruining a lot of people's days by telling them that he's gonna be rooting for the Cal-Berkeley Bears.  He says, "There students participating in OccupyCal bravely faced police attacks for peaceably assembling --" Oh,
by the way, folks, this is getting, this whole occupy stuff, there are people getting killed now, getting shot.  I don't understand these mayors where this is happening, why they haven't booted these people out of these places by now.  Well, I say I don't understand it, actually I do understand it.  But it's outrageous. 

Nobody has the desire to exercise their authority over these people?  This is pure anarchy, by design and on purpose.  It is filth, it is squalor.  In fact, these occupy encampments are exactly the kind of places the environmentalists envision for the future as a way to protect the planet.  No electricity, no modern facilities, no use of fossil fuels, except when the rock stars come to do a concert, then it's okay.

From TMZ: "New Penn State Coach Tells Players to Get Counseling -- The parents of Penn State Football players were on a teleconference last night with the new coach, who advised them to help their kids out by getting some counseling ... TMZ has learned. Two of the parents who were on the call tell us ... Tom Bradley advised the group that the school had counselors available to help the players cope." Ooookay. I don't know why they would need counseling, but maybe that's not for me to ask.

Obama Regime Wants to Teach Finance in Kindergarten

Personal finance lessons to kindergarten students. Now, why would kindergarten students need to know anything about personal finance? By the time they grow up, they're not going to have any money of their own. It's gonna all be the government's. They are not going to have to worry about buying food. It will all be provided by the government. They won't be buying homes or maybe even paying rent. They'll be living in government subsidized housing. They won't have to buy a car. They'll be given an electric car or told to ride mass transit. Of course, there won't be any college tuition, or there will be student loans but we'll be forgiven after probably eight years by the time kindergarteners today are grown up.

We all know that free diapers are the next thing that the government's handing out. Health care? Why in the world would they need to know about personal finances? They're not going to have any money. What do you think the real point here of the government teaching personal finance to kindergarteners is? It's to reorder the whole concept of where money comes from and who really has it. That could be the only thing. Well, there might be other things, too. You could figure it out, maybe.

Reggie Love Breaks Up with Bam

RUSH: By the way, Obama and Moochelle Obama have departed for a nine-day tour of the Far East. So, so much for that laser-like focus on the jobs bill. Oh, and do you know the president has a guy they call "the body guy." He's always there. His name is Reggie Love, and that's who Obama plays basketball with, and Reggie Love is either out or he's leaving soon, I don't know. He's leaving of his own volition. Like Huma, Huma Abingdon was Hillary's babe even when she was married to Weiner. Well, she still is married to Weiner. In fact, she was with Hillary more than she was with Weiner which is why Weiner was on Tweeter with whoever. So now Obama's gonna have to find somebody new to play basketball with. Moochelle? I mean, how else do you replace Reggie Love?

Man Goes Berserk Over Toilet Paper

RUSH: "Lack of Toilet Paper Leads Man to Destroy Charlotte Motel." CBS Eyeball News Charlotte, North Carolina. This is where the Democrat National Convention's gonna be. "One man made sure that a Charlotte motel was gonna pay for him running outta toilet paper. Upset about the lack of it available in his room, he destroyed $2,090 worth of hotel property on Monday." Now, remember, Sheryl Crow wanted us to limit ourselves to one or two sheets of toilet paper per usage. This is where this could possibly lead if she succeeds.


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