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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Kagan Called on to Recuse Herself in Obamacare Case || Occupy Camp-Outs Cleared by Cops || Four-Way Tie in Iowa

Sandusky's Creepy Costas Interview

RUSH: The only thing I can think of to do this is if you think you want to have a shot at influencing potential jurors who might appear, might be impaneled down the road in some criminal or civil case. Very odd. Because the guy did not help himself at all. He comes off as just yucky and slimy throughout the whole interview.

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O'Reilly Book Banned at Ford's Theater ... More McDonald's Violence in Obamaville ... Regime Told Solyndra to Delay Layoffs Until After 2010 Election; Random Act of Journalism on Keystone Pipeline ... Retail Sales Advance Behind iPhone ... Dingy Harry, Boehner Meet ...


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