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An Occupier Gets Bloodied Just as the Movement Always Wanted; Media Ignores Would-Be Obama Assassin's Ties


RUSH:  I just got a note, I didn't see it myself, I just got a note here that the cops somewhere have bloodied up an Occupier, which is what the Occupieds have been hoping for for two months.  They wanted the cops to bloody 'em up.  So some poor Occupier schlub of human debris has indeed been bloodied up somewhere.  Look for that photo all over the place.  It will be expanded all over the place, too.  Let's see.  Yep, they found somebody with blood on 'em on PMSNBC.  Bulldozers have been brought in to clear up the filth.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it was not blood on the Occupier on MSNBC but rather ketchup or stage blood, whatever is used. 

I think it's getting serious now.  These people have not gotten what they wanted out of this.  They haven't gotten The Man to act in ways that would create sympathy for the Occupiers.  The Occupiers have been the sole recipients of derision, so they have wanted to turn that around -- and if they had to fake blood on an Occupier, they'd do it.  The bulldozers are in Berkeley, the bulldozers cleaning the filth out are Occupy Berkeley.


RUSH:  According to CNN: "A man accused of firing shots near the White House last week will be charged with attempting to assassinate the president or a member of his staff."  This Ortega guy.  Apparently will be charged. This is according to CNN, so you might want to wait, have this really confirmed.  But apparently the man accused of firing shots near the White House will be charged with attempting to assassinate the president or a member of his staff. 

Now, there's a story in the New York Post today about this.  "A troubled Idaho man -- believed to have been lurking for weeks in Washington and hiding with Occupy DC protesters -- was arrested yesterday for allegedly firing an assault rifle at the White House and cracking a window near the president’s bedroom. Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, 21, has an arrest record in three states and was described as mentally ill -- and obsessed with the White House.  He 'hates the president, he hates Washington, he hates society,' a law- enforcement official told The Washington Post.

"The Secret Service, Capitol Police, US Park Police and other law-enforcement agencies launched a manhunt after gunfire was heard near the National Mall across the street from the White House Friday night -- and Ortega-Hernandez’s car was found abandoned nearby, with an AK-47 and empty shell casings inside. Yesterday, investigators disclosed that two bullet holes were found in the White House, and one of them cracked a window’s 'exterior historical glass' but was stopped by reinforced 'ballistic glass.'  They refused to say where the holes were, but officials could be seen taking photos of a window at the second-floor Yellow Oval Room, adjacent to the first family’s living quarters.

"Investigators suspect Ortega-Hernandez had been in the Washington area for weeks, blending in with Occupy DC protesters and repeatedly visiting the Mall, ABC News reported. ... But Ortega-Hernandez has no known radical links. He has been arrested several times, including for domestic violence and assaulting a cop, and has a history of mental illness."

What is this "no known radical links"?  He was living with Occupy DC.  What the hell are those people?  If somebody who never went to a Tea Party rally, Jared Loughner, was pushed to shoot Gabrielle Giffords by the Tea Party, then this crazy sure as heck had his hatred for government ginned up by hanging around these occupy lunatics for weeks.  Jared Loughner never got anywhere near a Tea Party, never got anywhere a Sarah Palin website or a Rush Limbaugh website or radio show, yet we were blamed for inspiring this guy.  This guy hangs around with Occupy Wall Street people who are out there protesting everything, "Oh, no, there's no connection here.  No known links to radicals."  He's just been hanging around a bunch of radicals for weeks now. 

There's also a college Republican chick in Texas, they're all over her for saying not to shoot Obama, as tempting as it may be, quote, unquote.  Now, that's stupid.  They had people calling for the Bush assassination in books and movies, and they were calling that art and literature that we should expose ourselves to, to learn about the rage that exists out there.  And we had a notable peace prize winner, Betty Williams, told a bunch of school kids, "Right now I would love to kill George Bush."  And that was all okay.  Now we've got this guy that comes out of Occupy DC, he's lurking in there for weeks, "no known link to radicals."  Let's bend over backwards to say that Occupy DC had nothing to do with influencing this guy. He's mentally ill, of course.

But all these other people, Jared Loughner, yeah, he was manipulated by Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Party.  Cindy Sheehan said she wished she could have killed Bush.  She was a media darling.  Oh.  Ortega was not listening to the other protesters like Obama never heard Jeremiah Wright?  Is that what we're going to be told?  Okay.  Fine.  Meanwhile, Zuccotti Park protester Nkrumah Tinsley had been arrested by threatening to burn down the city, but why not arrest 50 of 'em?  I mean he's not the only guy. 

"'With Winter Looming, Labor Unions Fortify Occupy Camp -- Some of the country’s most powerful unions are providing the infrastructure and amenities to keep the Occupy D.C. encampment fortified going into the winter." Now, this is the same group, the same crowd that inspired this nut accused of firing his assault rifle at the White House.  And here come the unions doing whatever is necessary to keep this group going.  Normal human beings wouldn't typically want to associate themselves with rapists, murderers, anarchists, and other mentally ill types.  So I guess Obama's favorite union has its reasons.  But normally you wouldn't want to associate with these kind of people.  Normally you wouldn't want to be in their midst.  But here comes the SEIU making it possible for them to hang around.  And I have no doubt that some of the money that the SEIU is using here is stimulus money in order to provide the amenities for Occupy DC.



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