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Franco Harris Out for Supporting Paterno in Child-Rape Case


RUSH: Franco Harris, former running back for Joe Paterno at Penn State, then the Pittsburgh Steelers, and finally the Seattle Seahawks.  Yeah, Penn State, 1969 through '71, then the Steelers drafted him.  He has been fired by The Meadows Racetrack and Casino because he had some nice things to say about Joe Paterno after this whole Sandusky thing popped up, so they canned him at The Meadows Racetrack and Casino.  "Harris was hired last month by The Meadows Racetrack and Casino along with former Pittsburgh Steelers teammate Rocky Bleier to 'assist the entertainment facility with various outreach activities, charitable events and public appearances.'  The group announced Tuesday Harris had been fired for his public comments.

'In light of the recent developments with Franco Harris regarding Joe Paterno's dismissal, Franco and the Meadows have mutually decided to put their business relationship on hold at this time, while these matters are looked into further,' a release said. ... Last week, he questioned the school's decision to fire Paterno amid a sex abuse scandal involving former coach Jerry Sandusky. ... 'I feel that the board made a bad decision in letting Joe Paterno go,' Harris said. 'I'm very disappointed in their decision. I thought they showed no courage, not to back someone who really needed it at the time. They were saying the football program under Joe was at fault.'"  So he's been canned.  Last night he was on Erin Burnett Out Front on CNN.  She said, "You've been adamant, Franco, that it was not right that Joe Paterno lost his job as head football coach.  Given that he did report what he was told to his higher-ups, do you still feel that way?"

HARRIS:  You know what, Erin, he wasn't charged, and if you look at it, there has been no trial yet, and you're absolutely right.  I think there is a rush to judgment, and I think he should not have been fired, and I believe that they should rehire Joe as soon as possible.

RUSH:  And Franco Harris out of work as a greeter and outreach expert and  entertainment professional at The Meadows Racetrack and Casino.  I guess that's in Pittsburgh.  I don't know where it is.  But anyway, Franco is out 'cause he supports Joe Paterno. 



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