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"London Rippers" Seek to Raise Awareness About Violence Against Women


RUSH: Now, I love this next story.  It's from USA Today.  There is a baseball team in London, Ontario.  You know what their nickname is?  The Rippers.  They are the London Rippers.  It's a minor league baseball team.  And of course USA Today does not approve, and very few others find this humorous.  I, of course, do.  When you tell people they can't use Indian names, what do you expect 'em to do? 

"When you name your baseball team the Rippers and you're from London, you might expect some blowback. Even if its London, Ontario and you claim there is no connection to Jack the Ripper. Joe Belanger of the London Free Press reports the team in the Frontier Baseball League unveiled the name on 'Purple Day' a day designated by London Abused Women's Centre to raise awareness for violence against women."  So they announce the name of the team as The Rippers on Purple Day, "a day designated by London Abused Women's Centre to raise awareness for violence against women. 

"However, Rippers president David Martin said the mascot is Diamond Jack, a hockey player who finds he can 'rip' the cover off of baseballs," and they've got a picture here of Diamond Jack. He's got a baseball in one hand, bat in the other, wearing a top hat, looks like the Jack the Ripper character from the ancient history.  "London mayor Joe Fontana asked the team to change the name." The London Rippers. (laughing) Why am I laughing?  Look, I admire creativity, and I admire crossing the line.  I love offending people when it's genuinely funny.  I just do.  Look, people are so wound up, so tightly wound just waiting to be offended, I love to give 'em what they want.  They want to be offended, fine and dandy with me.


RUSH: I shoulda shown you the picture.  Too late now.  The logo for the London Rippers, the guy -- I got to thinking about this -- the guy with the baseball bat and a baseball, one in each hand, wearing a top hat, does look like Jack the Ripper, then I got to thinking, how do we know what Jack the Ripper looked like?  He was never ID'd, right?  The best rumor is that Jack the Ripper was a deranged member of the royal family that went loose, started a reign of terror at night, but nobody actually ever found who he was, right?  We don't know who he is.



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