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UN Secretary-General MoonPie Demands $100B to Combat the Global Warming Hoax


RUSH: This next story makes me livid on a number of levels.  "United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on world leaders Monday to collaborate in financing a multibillion-dollar fund to combat global warming."  Does Mr. Ban Ki-moon not understand that the world now knows, at least America now knows that this whole global warming thing is a manufactured left-wing hoax?  Does he not know we don't have the money?  Nobody has any money.  There are no developed nations that have the kind of money that Ban Ki-moon wants for his precious hoax. 

"Speaking at a conference in Bangladesh’s capital, Mr. Ban said global efforts must be taken to establish a $100 billion Green Climate Fund dedicated to taming the 'damaging' effects of climate change, and that the global economic crisis should not hinder such efforts. 'The aim of this conference is to get the nations who are disproportionately affected by climate change, the most vulnerable nations, to come together and speak with one voice,' asserted Bangladesh's environment secretary Mesbah ul Alam. 'Climate change is real and it is affecting us now -- we live with floods, with climate refugees, with rising salinity in our coastal areas and with the impact of rising sea levels.'"  We do not. 

"Delegates at a climate change conference beginning November 28 in Durban, South Africa, are to consider options to raise $100 billion a year for the fund, which was established last December to aid countries reportedly most affected by climate change. 'Governments must find ways -- now -- to mobilize resources up to the $100 billion per annum pledged,' Ban professed. 'An empty shell is not sufficient.'" They think we have a hundred billion dollars just sitting around?  We don't have a hundred billion. We just hit $15 trillion in debt.  But beyond that, there is no global warming.  There are no rising sea levels.  There's no increased salinity.  There's none of this.  There isn't even any warming, much less manmade. 

Look at this.  The entire world economy is about to be wiped out.  We're on the verge of it.  Take a look Europe and we're headed that way.  Folks, it is a real possibility our economy could collapse.  That's what's so frustrating to us is that members of our own party don't even see that.  Members of our own party just see the constant ebb and flow of politics, Obama's a Democrat, ergo he must lose.  Not Obama is destroying the US economy.  "Oh, no, no, no.  That's excessive to say, Rush.  But of course we'd rather be in power ourselves.  It's really, really intemperate to say that Obama is destroying --" well, he is.  He's destroying the future, he is destroying the economic present.  Collapse is a real possibility.  It is a real possibility in Europe. 

Entire world economies could be wiped out and this "UN moon pie" is calling on the very countries about to go under for a hundred billion dollars over another hoax.  Which is exactly the purpose of the UN, to fleece people.  The United Nations is a larger version of Obama.  This little slush fund called the UN, hundred billion dollars ostensibly to save the planet goes right to the UN, right into it best redistributor of wealth ever created, and you take a look at who's gonna get the money, all the money.  Take a look at all the money that's been spent, given to the UN for decades to help poverty and all these other so-called human maladies, and they still exist, don't they? In the same places.  Poor nations are still poor.  Poor people in poor nations are still poor.  The leaders of those nations are making out like bandits.  Guess who gets the money? 

So I'll tell you what this is.  Think of the last-ditch effort here to get the last money they might see in a long while, and they're thinking that everybody is just gonna bust open the piggy bank and give it to them.  This Ban Ki-moon guy, he knows the score, he knows that there isn't a hundred billion dollars laying around in all these countries.  So it's one last effort to try to get it because he knows he's got a bunch of liberal governments in power, one last effort to get it, before the legitimate chance runs out.  Disproportionately affected countries from global warming.  Why not?  Scam's worked in the past, but I'll tell you now, hit up the ChiComs.  They're the big polluters.  Well, if that's what you want to do, make the ChiComs come up with $99 billion of this.  They're the big polluters. 

Everything the UN calls for is always just another way for them to skim some money for themselves.  Look at Oil-for-Food, all these UN children's food programs.  What is it?  I went around on Halloween when I was a kid and did UNICEF.  Every kid ought to be a fat slob by now with all the money that's been collected for UNICEF, and then you got all the satellite programs, Sally what's-her-face from All in the Family, Sally Struthers, everybody out there, $25 will feed a child for ten years.  Fine, here's the 25 bucks, they come back to us next year, kid's hungry again.  There ought not be.  If the money being donated to this outfit were actually equally fairly distributed, there shouldn't be any problem here, anywhere.  They're just a giant skim operation.  The UN makes our Congress look like a bunch of grafters, like a bunch of amateurs at grafting.



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