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Matthews Begs Obama to Lead Us, But the Truth is the President Just isn't Bright


RUSH: Obamaville since 2010.  I knew it.  Anyway, a lot of e-mail on this, and there is a ban on this program on anything MSNBC.  We actually haven't had anything from MSNBC on this program audio sound bite-wise for three or four days, and hasn't it been refreshing, folks?  We've had plenty of other sound bites, just not from MSNBC. 

Exception time.  There's an exception to everything.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Now, I think a lot of people are misunderstanding.  I think Matthews has a book coming out.  I'm not certain about that.  But if he does, I think partly what we're hearing here is book promotion, but maybe he doesn't.  I'm not really sure.  But Matthews was being interviewed on MSNBC.  It's what makes me think he's got a book coming.  Why interview a guy that's got his own one hour show? (interruption)  Well, it's not that nobody watches.  He's got 50,000 or so viewers on his show, and he's been holding steady for ten years with that number.  (interruption) Yeah, I know, I've got that in one town.  But we're not talking about me, Snerdley. 

But they were interviewing him, and he went off on Obama here for not liking the job and not being interested in the job, as opposed to Bill Clinton.  (interruption) Okay, Matthews' book is called Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero.  I knew there was a book out there and that's partly what this is -- (interruption) yes, another Kennedy book.  But let's go back to February 12th of 2008, to set this up. I'm sure you all remember this, but let's just listen to it together anyway.  February 12th, 2008, on MSNBC's coverage of the Potomac primary.  After hearing Obama's victory speech, Chris Matthews said this.

MATTHEWS:  I have to tell you, you know, it's part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear a Barack Obama speech, I felt this thrill going up my leg.  I mean I don't have that too often.

RUSH:  I felt this thrill, this tingle going up my leg, I don't have that too often.  You remember Matthews saying that, we all do.  So we play that to put what he said Saturday morning in perspective.  He was on a show called Weekends with Alex Witt.  She is an infobabe that used to do the news during the day on MSNBC, and I think she's moved aside for Tamron Hall and some of the Ken dolls that they have over there.  And in this series of sound bites Matthews is begging Obama to lead, he's begging him to get back in the game, that he's losing everybody.

MATTHEWS:  I'm not sure he's able to move the country.  He had that ability as a candidate, and then the day he was inaugurated with the Mall filled with people, African-American Americans and everyone else, he sent us all home.  It was the worst mistake of his presidency.  The day he got inaugurated he sent us all home and said, "Thank you, now watch how smart I am."  That's the worst kind of notion of the presidency.  The presidency's not about being smart.  Most of our great presidents have not been that brilliant.  Kennedy wasn't brilliant.  Roosevelt certainly wasn't brilliant.  Truman wasn't.  But what they did was they led the American people, they led us.  This is so simple.  If I could say one thing to Barack Obama, stop showing us how smart you are and lead us.

RUSH:  Chris, psst.  He's not really that smart, either.  That's the great unspoken reality.  Marilyn Monroe didn't think Jack was so exclusive, by the way.  Or elusive.  Nor reclusive.  None of the lusives.  Marilyn didn't think he was lusives at all.  Now, this is interesting.  Kennedy wasn't brilliant; Roosevelt certainly wasn't brilliant; Truman wasn't.  There's something else about those guys.  They were not intimidated by smart people, either.  And that's key folks, they were not intimidated by the smart people they hired as their advisors.  Matthews is on to something here.  I think is Obama is totally in to being the smartest guy in the room, even to the point of knocking down others in the room who are as smart or smarter.  But that's a psychological analysis and I'll leave that to others. 

The point is, you hear this, the worst mistake of his life, the day he got inaugurated, he sent us all home.  By the way, in this interview Matthews throws all caution, all pretense of objective newsman to the wind, lest any of you had any doubt.  But the worst kind of notion of the presidency, don't just send us home.  Use us.  Engage us.  Don't sit there and be a lone figure and show how smart you are.  Notice he has not shown us his college transcripts.  We do not have a measure of how smart he is.  The only reason we think he's smart is because the establishment has proclaimed him smart.  Here's the next sound bite.

MATTHEWS:  What are we trying to do in this administration?  Why does he want a second term?  Will he tell us?  What's he gonna do in a second term?  More of this?  Is this it?  Is this as good as it gets?  Where we going?  We gonna do something the second term?  He has yet to tell us.  He has not said one thing about what he'd do in the second term.  He never tells what he gonna do with reforming our health care system, Medicare/Medicaid, how he's gonna reform Social Security.  Is he gonna deal with long-term debt?  How?  Is he gonna reform the tax system?  How?  Just tell us.  Why are we in this fight with him?  Just like tell us, commander, give us our orders and tell us where we're going, give us the mission.  And he hasn't done it.  And I think it's the people around him, too many people around, little kids with propellers on their heads.

RUSH:  No, it's him.  Note at the end of the day after all the criticisms it can't be Barack; it's gotta be the eggheads around him.  But can I go back and parse this a moment here?  What are we trying to do in this administration, why does he want a second term, would he tell us what's he gonna do in the second term.  Forget the us and what are we gonna do, the acknowledgment that Matthews and Obama are on the same team, we all know that. I don't want to comment on that.  It's, "Is this as good as it gets?  Where we going?  We gonna do something the second term?  He has yet to tell us."  He can't, Chris.  Chris, I'm saying this with all sincerity, man, with every ounce of sincerity I've got.  If he had told us in 2007-2008 what he intended to do with his first term he'd-a never gotten elected.  He can't tell us what he's going to do, Chris.  All he can do is try to paint a picture, abject fear of the Republicans. 

All he can do is tell the country that he's gonna save them from the Republicans.  He can't tell us what he's gonna do 'cause he'd never get reelected.  Wouldn't-a gotten elected in the first place.  He never tells us what he's gonna do reforming our health care.  Chris, he thinks he's done that.  That's over with.  What do you mean reform the health care system?  Chris, it's called Obamacare.  He's done that.  Now it's move on to other things.  Medicare, Medicaid, how's he gonna reform Social Security?  How's he gonna deal with long-term debt?  Chris, he created it.  He gave us more long-term debt than all long-term debt in our nation's history up 'til his election combined.  What do you mean, what's he going to do to deal with long-term debt?  He's gonna create more, Chris.  He has no intention of reducing long-term debt. 

Chris, he's really got horrible plans for a second term.  That's why he can't tell anybody about 'em.  But what's he gonna do about long-term debt? Chris, from the bottom of my heart, did it not occur to you that he caused it?  Does it really not strike you that he made that happen, that he created this long-term debt?  Why would he want to deal with it when the debt is what he wants, and more of it.  We got more Matthews when we come back.


RUSH: More Matthews, two more sound bites.

MATTHEWS:  I get these e-mails; you probably get 'em.  I'm tired of getting 'em.  Stop giving them to me.  I want to meet people.  Their idea of running a campaign is a virtual universe and sending e-mails around to people.  No, it's not.  It's meetings with people.  It's forging alliances.  It's White House meetings and dinners, parties that go on 'til midnight, and he should be sitting late at night now with senators and members of Congress and governors working together on how they're gonna win this political fight that's coming.  I don't have a sense that he's ever had a meeting.  I hear stories that you will not believe.  Not a single phone call.  They don't call.  He never calls.  That's the message.  Members of Congress, I keep asking, when did you hear from him last?  He doesn't like their company.

RUSH:  Yeah, Chris obviously wants to be included.  He's being left out.  But everybody's being left out.  Obama doesn't call anybody, doesn't have 'em up to the White House, no dinners.  Just doesn't.  And this thing about I hear stories that you would not believe.  I can only imagine what that is.  Maybe he's seen internal polling data, maybe he's heard stories of Obama's behavior in the White House that would shock people, maybe -- I don't want to speculate.  I don't know what it is.  But it certainly has to do with Matthews thinking he doesn't like the job; he doesn't like people; he doesn't like hanging around with people; he doesn't want to be with them, and that's just not supposed to happen.  You're supposed to be hanging around, chumming around with people all the time, have 'em up at the White House, talk policy.  Talk about how you're gonna win. Talk about how you're gonna do this and do that.  Bring everybody up there and be involved like Clinton did, Clinton loved it, just loved it.  Obama's a loner, doesn't need anybody.  Matthews, I don't know if he's worried about the country or not, but clearly he's worried about Obama's reelection.  There's one more bite.

MATTHEWS:  Once having won the office, he seemed to think that was the end of it in terms of his connection to the American people.  Don't you feel -- I mean I think everybody feels an absence of communication from the time he's been elected.  And it's not about not being left-wing enough or being too left.  That's not his problem.  It's connection.  And Mrs. Obama, she's an amazing asset.  And what has she done?  Obesity?  How about connecting with the American people about being Americans.  I don't think she's happy.  I don't think they like being in the White House.  And the American people can tell that.  They don't seem thrilled at the fact the American people selected them as our first family.  I don't sense the gratitude, the happiness level, the thrill of being President.

RUSH:  He goes on to say that Clinton loved it.  And I think he's right about this.  Folks, I've said this before.  I don't think the White House is anything they're honored to be in.  That White House represents something entirely different to them.  That White House, that's where evil happened, they don't like it.  Their historical perspective on the country is not yours and mine.  And Matthews is right.  She's not happy; he's not happy.  He's right.  They don't like being in the White House.  That's why they don't have parties up there, they don't like bringing people in, they don't like being there.

It's like I said, if I were elected president, you couldn't get me out of that place.  I would be giving guided tours to everybody I know every night after I had been given every guided tour to learn everything I could about the place, all the secrets, all the stuff, I'd be -- (interruption) no, no, no, no.  Not national security secrets.  Just, you know, the legendary secrets, stuff that happened in there.  I can't relate to somebody not wanting to be in the White House, I just can't.  But they don't.



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