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Spain Says, "No Mas!" to Socialists Who Destroyed the Country, Votes Conservative


RUSH: In Spain, conservatives have come to the right wing to a landslide electoral victory throughout the country.  It only took the liberals and the socialists seven years to practically destroy Spain.  It only took them seven years.  It wasn't that long ago that they elected this far-left government after 9/11, because the terrorists blew up a train station, and the leader of Spain wanted to cave and give the terrorists whatever they wanted to make sure that there were no more terror attacks on the train station or anything else.  That was a rebuke to Bush.  Was a rebuke to Bush.  So the people of Spain elected this far-left, fringe government.  In seven years, less than seven years, with a green jobs economy.  It was one of the foundational building blocks of the new socialist regime, green jobs.  They created 21% unemployment. 

They did exactly what Barack Obama's trying to do here.  Obama's on a faster pace than the leftist government of Spain.  He's been less than three years, and look at the destruction.  It took the government of Spain seven years, but the people of Spain said no mas, don't want it anymore, voted en masse for conservatism. 


RUSH:  Now, that election in Spain was in 2004.  The reaction in Spain to 9/11, that election was in 2004, and that's when the leftist Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was elected, seven years ago.  He surrendered immediately on the war on terror.  This last election, the socialists that had destroyed the country, ran on a ticket of raising taxes on the rich.  The conservatives, the right-wingers, ran on a platform of cutting taxes.  "The opposition People's Party won a crushing victory in Spain's election on Sunday as voters vented their rage on the ruling Socialists for the worst economic crisis in generations."

Spain went from boom to bust in seven years led by a green energy economy sponsored by the socialist government.  Does it sound familiar?  "The Socialists conceded a humiliating defeat as official results showed the PP projected to take an absolute majority of 187 seats in the 350-seat lower house. ... The Socialists under Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero led Spain from boom to bust in seven years in charge of the euro zone’s fourth-largest economy." Boom to bust in seven years, uncontrolled socialism and liberalism, and the people of Spain sent them packing, which is what is going to happen here.  "Well, but Rush, 48% don't pay taxes.  Obama's got this all wrapped up." No.  The country doesn't have a majority of people that want to give up.  Our country is not populated a majority of people who want a country which can provide nothing. 



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