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This is Your Typical Obama Voter


RUSH:  Modesto, California.  Hi, Vincent.  Great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Yeah, Rush, how you doing?

RUSH:  Very good, sir.  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  First-time caller.  Now, about President Obama.

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  Now, what I see what he's doing, you know, I think he's trying the best he can, you know.  And --

RUSH:  At doing what?

CALLER:  He's got a lot on his plate there.

RUSH:  What's he trying to do?

CALLER:  Well, he's trying to create jobs --

RUSH:  Yeah.  Yeah.

CALLER:  -- and trying his best to create jobs and trying to, you know --

RUSH:  How is that working out?

CALLER:  -- put down the percentage of the unemployment rate.

RUSH:  Well, how's that working out, though?

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  We don't expect effort from presidents.  We expect accomplishment.

CALLER:  People are getting jobs right and left right now. 

RUSH:  People --

CALLER:  People are getting jobs.

RUSH:  Oh. Really?

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  They are?

CALLER:  Yes, they are.

RUSH:  Did you see one?


RUSH:  Did you see one get a job?  Did you see somebody get a job?

CALLER:  Yes, I did.

RUSH:  Where?

CALLER:  Right here in Modesto, where I live.

RUSH:  What was the job?

CALLER:  Well, different jobs, different factory jobs and --

RUSH:  Oh, you've seen people getting more than one?

CALLER:  Yes, I did.

RUSH:  More than one job?


RUSH:  You've seen more than one person get a job?

CALLER:  Yes, I did.

RUSH:  Well, hot damn.

CALLER:  And I think Obama --

RUSH:  And he made it happen?

CALLER:  He made it happen.

RUSH:  Really?

CALLER:  Yeah.  You were saying earlier that people are crying for a leader, everybody's looking for a leader.  Okay, but why you have to cry for a leader?  We already got one.

RUSH:  Well, yeah, you know, maybe people don't think that we do have --

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  You gotta allow for people being stupid.  Some people may not think we've got a leader.

CALLER:  Well, I know for a fact we do have a leader.

RUSH:  I know.  You've seen some jobs --

CALLER:  I've seen some jobs.

RUSH:  -- created.  Factory jobs you said they were?

CALLER:  Yeah, factory jobs.

RUSH:  In Modesto?

CALLER:  Restaurant jobs, and --

RUSH:  Like what kind of work?  What kind of work?

CALLER:  Like what I just told you, factory jobs --

RUSH:  Yeah, but what kind of factory, what kind of job, what work at the factory?  What factory?

CALLER:  What factory?  Well, let's see.  Target.

RUSH:  Target factory?

CALLER:  Walmart.

RUSH:  Walmart factory.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  All right.

CALLER:  Then they just created some new jobs --

RUSH:  In the Walmart factory and --

CALLER:  Yeah, right.

RUSH:  -- the Target factory?

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  In Modesto.

CALLER:  In Modesto.

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  And in Stockton and Manteca, wherever.

RUSH:  Oh, wow, Stockton, too?

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  Wow, okay.  I want to do a Google search, Google Earth, I want to find the Walmart factory in Modesto.  Get on that for me, Snerdley.


RUSH: I meant to ask our last caller the guy's name who Obama got a job at the Target factory, or maybe it was the Walmart factory.  I forget which.  He said both.  But I shoulda asked the guy's name.  The guy who got the job.  I'd like to talk to him, find out exactly what Obama did.  Did he go do the interview for him?  What did he do?


RUSH: I got some e-mails.  People want to know what do they make at the Target factory in Modesto.  They make targets.  We looked it up.  Somebody said, "What do they make at the Walmart factory in Modesto?"  They make walls.  We looked it up. 

Telephone number, 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. 

Now, we're sitting here laughing, but, folks, that caller represents millions of people.  The caller represents millions of people.  Every job created or filled is due to Obama.  Every job lost or position eliminated is due to Bush, the rich, lazy Americans, Wall Street, what have you.  This is the argument that Obama's feeding his followers. It's what they end up believing.  This guy called up here in pure defiance.  He was not trying to be funny.  This guy genuinely believes it, I'm telling you, if you read the left-wing blogs, if you read the Obama-inspired websites, that's what you're going to see, that Obama is creating all these jobs.  That's what these websites see.  And Obama's trying to fix and replace all the jobs that Bush lost.  That's what his followers see.  That's what they believe. 

This guy calling me from Modesto, he thought he was gonna get me over the barrel.  He thought he knew something I didn't know. He thought he was catching me in a misrepresentation of fact.  He thought he was catching me in a lie. He thought that he was gonna tell me something that was gonna totally confuse me.  He really believes it.  This is what Obama and the boys have got their followers believing.  And they're not just the scattered few out there.  They are plentiful.  There are a lot of them out there.  That caller is a success story for the Democrats.  The Democrats listening to this program hearing that caller, they're happy.  That guy gets it, and they're not worried at all that I'm gonna change the guy's thinking.  That guy's totally devoted and loyal to Obama.  He's a product of the Democrat media machine.  We had fun with it, 'cause what else could you do? 

But I'm telling you, there are millions out there like that. (interruption) Well, you mean the Occupy kids?  Oh.  Well, you know, I've had that story in this stack for the longest time and I haven't gotten to it, about how the youth have abandoned Obama. He's no longer The Messiah to 'em.  That's true.  The Messiah aspect of the regime is gone.  That whole Magical Mystery Tour thing that was Obama is gone.  But, you know, you look at the Occupy groups and you look at what their encampments become.  These people, you know, we sit here and we marvel at what we think is their stupidity or their ignorance or what have you.  But it's real.  It's real.  They actually believe that everybody could do nothing and there would still be iPhones.  And there would still be computers.  And there would still be phone networks and cellular networks to log into to get information. 

That stuff somehow just happens.  And if anybody makes a profit on it, then they are the enemy.  That stuff should happen for everybody.  There ought not be any profit, but you see where civilization goes, you see what happens when encampments or populations of these people get together.  It descends into not just anarchy, I mean these occupy encampments really are filth personified.  It's pathetic what happens and this is who they really are.  That's how they think everybody should live.  I think the intellectual leaders of this movement, I genuinely believe this, I know I'm gonna get a lot of people disagreeing with me on this.  But I really think that the intellectual left, like the Obama people, for example, who've never worked in the private sector, who have never created a job, have never started something from scratch, and thus don't know how to do it, I think they really do believe, after years and years and years of just sitting around, talking about it in the faculty lounge or wherever, that if they got a chance they could do it so much better. 

So here they are.  They finally got their chance to do it.  Run the car companies, whatever else they run as part of the regime, and look, everything is going to hell in a handbasket.  And they're genuinely surprised.  Some of these true believers are genuinely surprised.  They believe all along the Soviet Union did not fail because of its own immorality, its own corruption.  It failed because the wrong people didn't have enough money.  But if the right people had been there with the right amount of money, why, it would have been nirvana, it would have been utopia.  That's how they look at themselves and Obama's presidency.  So they look at what happens when something they fervently believe in, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland or whatever, when it descends to the lowest common denominator base human level, they're genuinely shocked. I think they are genuinely surprised. 

I think it puzzles them and they struggle to explain it because it's not supposed to be.  These Occupy encampments are the epitome of everything they believe.  Everybody is equal, nobody produces anything, and nobody's exploiting anybody.  There is ostensibly fair and equal redistribution of everything that's there.  But look how quickly it was corrupted.  Once it was learned that freebies were there every reprobate in town within ten miles gravitated to the place, wanting something to eat.  And the Occupied's own chefs decided, "To hell with you, you're not part of our group." What happened to fairness and equal redistribution?  "Well, they're not part of us, we can't." Amazing how it all breaks down so quickly and so fast. 

This is the stuff that community organizers teach, and they teach it as utopia, nirvana, panacea, what have you.  It's amazing.  It never works.  And I really think that a number of these people, particularly the so-called intellectuals in academia, I think they're genuinely surprised when it falls apart.  I think they're stunned.  I really do.  I think they cannot believe that Obama's stimulus package didn't create a lot of jobs.  No, I'm serious.  I know that some of them don't know that that money was just a slush fund, they don't know that that money was to prop up union workers who pay dues and send the money back to Democrat Party.  They really, true believers, thought that this was how you create jobs, good jobs, fair jobs for everybody.  The government doesn't. 

I think they're genuinely shocked and stunned when it doesn't work, including some of the teachers.  The Elizabeth Warrens of the world.  I think they're genuinely stunned when it falls apart.  So then they start hustling around trying to find an explanation for it.  And their explanation's always going to focus on the flaws of the people who are actually living it.  Not the theory.  The theory never fails.  Liberalism cannot be allowed to fail.  Socialism cannot be allowed to fail.  So something else must be blamed when it doesn't work.  In Obama's case the fallback is blame Bush; blame your predecessors; the problem's worse than we even knew.  


RUSH: Here is Monte in Modesto, California.  Hi, Monte. 

CALLER:  I just wanted to tell you about all the jobs being created in Modesto.  The Sunday Modesto Bee tells about a company that went out of business in Modesto, pretty large place that is being systematically stripped of everything in the building, including support beams, part of the building has collapsed.

RUSH:  Wait a second.

CALLER:  The police can't do anything about it because they are protected by law.  So these thieves do this in broad daylight, have the wives and girlfriends bring 'em lunch just like a regular job and nobody is doing anything about it.

RUSH:  Wait a minute, Monte, you're telling me that thieves are stripping the factories in Modesto?  This guy says that he knows a guy who got a job there.

CALLER:  It's in the Sunday paper.  We've had to close down city parks --

RUSH:  Wait a minute.  Was the guy who got the job in the factory in the paper?

CALLER:  That Walmart job was probably stripping walls at this factory.

RUSH:  Oh.  A-ha.  A-ha.  All right.  All right, thanks, Monte.  I appreciate it.  Well, we try to get perspective on all this.


RUSH:  The unemployment rate in Modesto, California, 15.1%.  This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and that counts, the 15.1% counts the two guys, one that got the job at the Walmart factory building walls, and the other at the Target factory making targets.  No, I don't know targets on what, I just know that that's what they make at the Target factory.  It's still 15.1% in Modesto. 



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