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Made in the USA: Two If By Tea Gift Sets


RUSH: Dave in Slatington, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER:  Oh, what an honor to talk to you, Rush.

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  It really is.  Hey, I just had one of the best experiences ordering anything online.  I ordered your tea and the whole thing, from the time I ordered it 'til I got it was just top-notch.  I ordered the tea, I got the reply on my e-mail and a tracking number. My tea was shipped out within four hours of when I ordered it, and then I figured, "Okay, I'll get my tea on a Monday." I got my tea on a Saturday, which was, you know, I never got anything on a Saturday.

RUSH:  And free shipping, I might add.

CALLER:  I got it with the $19.99 deal, too, I ordered with the deal, that was great, and then I opened the box, I figured, well, I'm gonna get all these fillers like when you order something.  The box was custom-made for the tea.  I didn't have to worry about that.  When I cut the box down the middle I went to open it and it was sealed shut.  I still had to pull it open, it wasn't gonna open en route, which was real nice.  And then I opened the tea, and the first thing I did, I looked at it to see if it was cloudy, and it was crystal clear, it was really nice.  So I open the tea, the tea was filled to the top.  I mean I'm a big tea drinker, that's all I drink, and a lot of places you buy tea it's maybe halfway to the neck or maybe the bottom of the neck.

RUSH:  I hear you.

CALLER:  Yours was filled to the top, and then the taste was just great.  You could taste the tea with a nice raspberry flavor.  You knew you were drinking tea like someone said last week. It was great, but it was just the best experience ever. I mean no problems, it was shipped out within four hours of the time I ordered it.  God forbid you ever get off radio, you should teach business, because it was nice.  It was a good experience.

RUSH:(laughing)  Well, I really appreciate that.  I'm really glad you mentioned the customer service aspect.  One of the things that our people probably work harder on than anything is customer service and having the direct contact with every customer, the direct link, meaning you buy it from our website. It's not yet in stores.  There's no middleman involved. Your experience was top shelf and top drawer, but, you know, not all of them are, some people, there's an accident in the warehouse, the wrong flavor is shipped. Sometimes an order's not processed and a week goes by, and those are the things that we deal with, I must say in a flawless fashion as well.  My good manners prevent me, but I would love to publish some of the customer service e-mails we get from people whose orders have gone awry, because they just warm my heart.  We've worked really hard with our staff on this customer service aspect, because it's like the radio show, the audience is the thing, and with the tea, you, you're the thing.  When I say that there's no gunk in that tea, there isn't gonna be any gunk in it.  It's gonna be clear as it can be. It's gonna be clear and pure, you're gonna love it, and I'm glad that you had that experience.  Warms my heart.

CALLER:  It was a nice experience, and I thank you for that.

RUSH:  And we are not paying this guy, folks.  I swear --

CALLER:  No, no.

RUSH:  -- I never talked to this guy before in my life.

CALLER:  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  I just felt compelled to call you about that.  It was just one of the nicest shipments I ever had and it is great tea.

RUSH:  I hope the next time that you order, Dave, something goes wrong so that you can experience that aspect of our customer service.  You think customer service is good now, wait 'til it goes wrong.  In fact, I'll tell you what to do.  Order some more, and then just tell us it's wrong, even though it may not be and watch what happens.

CALLER:  (laughing)  I don't think I'll have that experience.

RUSH:  (laughing)  Well, you made my day.  I appreciate it.  I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.  You say you love tea, and you obviously do.  We've got some new flavors coming fairly soon.  I want to get your name and shipping address so that I can send you some of the new flavors when they come out.  Would you hold on and let Snerdley get your address?

CALLER:  Sure.  I will.

RUSH:  Are you watching the program on the Dittocam, by the way?

CALLER:  No.  I actually had that, but we had to cut back on some things.

RUSH:  We got this new gift set.  We've added to items.  We got this new gift set, a couple of Two If By Tea mugs, Rush Revere logo on one side, a catchphrase saying on the other --

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  -- and some jelly beans and I'm holding it here be here, I'm gonna send you one of these, too.

CALLER:  Oh, that's great.

RUSH:  You deserve it, and maybe one of the mugs will arrive chipped and you can tell us and we can -- I'm just kidding.  That won't happen, because the packaging on this is flawless and perfect just like the packaging on the tea is.

CALLER:  Right.  I believe it is.

RUSH:  Anyway, really, I do appreciate your call.  You've made my day, and I know Kathryn is listening and you've made her day.  She's the CEO.  She's the one who makes sure that all that you cited as high quality happens.

CALLER:  Okay, she cracks the whip, then, right?

RUSH:  Well, so far doesn't have to.  So far she hasn't had to crack the whip.

CALLER:  Good.  That's great.  I mean, like I said, I had a great experience, and I really thank you for that.

RUSH:  Well, you'll love the gift set and you will love the new flavors.  I can't wait for those.  Wait 'til you see the labels of the new flavors.  They're beautiful, too.  People are not throwing our bottles away. Our bottles are keepsakes. Our bottles are works of art.  People are putting roses and flowers in their bottles. They're sending me bottles asking me to autograph them, I'm sending it back.  Can't do it, don't try it, but anyway, people have done it. 


RUSH:  I want to explain a little bit about what I was talking about with our previous caller, gift sets that we've added to the line of products available at TwoIfByTea.com.  If you are looking for a perfect patriotic gift, we have it, something more exciting than sweaters, socks, ties, this kind of thing.  It's not an ordinary gift set.  Two If By Tea's Limited Edition, Premium Patriotic Gift Set is high quality, and it's all made in America.  And here it is.  For those of you watching on the Dittocam, let me grab the jelly beans and put 'em in here.  I've taken the cellophane off so as not to be a reflection on TV.  This is the gift set.  It is two great mugs, Two If By Tea mugs with my mug, my icon, Rush Revere, and two different sayings on the other side of the mug.  O Say Can You Tea, and The Liberals Are Coming.  And there's some red, white, and blue jelly beans thrown in here just for the fun of it.  It's sort of a shout out to Ronaldus Magnus.  His favorite snack was jelly beans, so we put some red, white, and blue jelly beans in this gift set, and it's available at TwoIfByTea.com. 

We've got perfect shipping here for it, perfect packaging.  It's just exactly as the guy just described.  And can you imagine sitting around your liberal relatives' house... you know, you need to send them one of these gift sets and be there when it arrives.  Find Rush Revere proclaiming The Liberals Are Coming.  I mean it would be priceless.  These are top quality.  There's a gold seal of approval that's right on the gift set on the cellophane box, it's right there that comes attached. I just took it off to show this guy, didn't want it to reflect on the Dittocam.  So what you do is go to TwoIfByTea.com to get your gift set while supplies last.  You don't have to hassle the crowds at the mall. You can shop from the comfort of your computer, from your tent, wherever you happen to be, you can shop 24/7 at TwoIfByTea.com, or you can call our friends at the call center, 866-662-1776.

This is the mug.  Let me zoom in tight on the mug just to show you.  The Rush Revere icon if you're watching the Dittocam, and this one says O Say Can You Tea on the other side.  The other slogan is The Liberals Are Coming.  And there are two of these plus the jelly beans in the gift box and you can see it all at TwoIfByTea.com or call the call center, 866-662-1776.  And again, the mugs -- and you should try this -- the mugs are made in America.  We even got an e-mail from somebody who has been trying to find mugs made in America.  You can't do it.  But we did.  There's not one aspect of this gift package made anywhere but the United States of America.  And you can see it, and you can order it, and you can have it at TwoIfByTea.com.


RUSH:  I just got a question in the e-mail about the jelly beans, of all things.  Yeah, they are Reagan's favorite jelly beans that come in the gift box with the two Two If By Tea mugs.  They are Jelly Belly jelly beans, they're Reagan's favorite, and they are red white and blue, and, by the way, they are also the official jelly beans served at my fashionable oceanfront estate.  The only kind of jelly beans that I will serve, and these are red, white, and blue and they are in honor of Reagan.  So this whole thing, this whole gift box from front to back just reeks of patriotism, and every aspect of it, including the box, the jelly beans and the mugs, made right here in America.  You can see it all at TwoIfByTea.com.



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