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America Loves Rush Revere's Two If By Tea Mugs


RUSH: I want to thank you all. We are getting tremendous feedback from those of you who have accessed the new gift set that we have at TwoIfByTea.com. This is two mugs. I'm holding one of the mugs up now, you can see the Rush Revere logo. On one side the mug says O Say Can You Tea. The other mug says, The Liberals Are Coming. Two mugs and some red, white, and blue Jelly Belly jelly beans. Jelly Belly jelly beans were Ronald Reagan's favorite jelly beans. They happen to be my favorite, too. It's a great price and it's great quality, and unlike the tea, which when you drink it the tea is gone. The mugs last forever.

They're made in America. And that's hard to do. It's difficult to find mugs made in America at a competitive price. But we did it. Kathryn actually did it. They're high quality and they're large, and people have already sent us great feedback about that, and I just wanted to thank those of you who have because it's great to have the high quality of this stuff acknowledged. Like the caller yesterday who went out of his way to talk about how well the tea itself is packaged, so forth. We spare no expense in doing it right. And as I say, I get all sentimental this time of year, now throughout the end of the year, and I just appreciate all the kind things that each of you say, be it via e-mail or here on the phones.