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Caddell & Schoen Want Obama Gone


RUSH: We have the Pat Caddell-Doug Schoen column we talked about a couple days ago.  These are two pollsters in the Democrat Party.  Schoen was a pollster for Clinton.  Caddell was a pollster for Jimmy Carter.  They're still Democrats.  They want the Democrat Party to win.  They wrote column after column leading into the 2010 midterms telling the Democrats, "You don't understand how bad it's gonna be.  You guys are gonna get shellacked in the midterms," and they were offering them ways limiting the damage.  Democrats didn't listen to 'em, and they got shellacked. 

And so now Schoen and Caddell have written another piece for the Wall Street Journal saying to Obama, you have a duty to your country and the party to get out of the race.  You can't win, and even if you do win, the only way is by going so negative that the country's torn apart in the middle of the campaign and after you win going so ugly and so dirty you're not gonna be able to govern. You're gonna rip the country apart, not to mention your party.  And then Caddell and Schoen said if Obama won't go on his own it's up to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to go up to the White House and tell him to leave.  And, remember, I said in a spirit of helpfulness, that Schoen and Caddell have gone about this the wrong way, because Obama's a narcissist.  You don't go up to him and tell him to leave 'cause he's a failure.  With narcissists that doesn't compute. 

If you really want to get rid of Obama, you gotta go up and tell him how the current job's beneath him.  You gotta tell him how, "We can tell you're not interested, Barack.  We can see this doesn't turn you on.  You and your wife don't even like living in the White House.  We can tell you don't like the job.  You're so much more qualified than something as small as president of one country.  You know, your country, America's no different than any other country.  You yourself said it, Barack.  We're just like any other country, we've got a flag.  And that's the only thing that makes us different, our flag's different from the other countries.  You need to be running the world." 

That's how you shoulda done it, Schoen, and that's how you shoulda done it, Mr. Caddell.  If you'da written a piece that catered to Obama's ego and gave him an option of something much more powerful and much bigger, then maybe he would have listened.  But I don't think he's finished with his mission.  He's got a good start, but he's not finished.  Caddell was on Fox News Channel, Cavuto's show.  Was it the business channel or regular Fox?  It doesn't matter.  They had a discussion about the super committee bombing.  This is what Pat Caddell said.

CADDELL:  I have to say, you know, people care about reelection, and they care about politics.  Our president does.  I've never really seen a president who has been so unengaged and, you know, yesterday I had a piece with Doug Schoen urging him to step aside for Hillary Clinton for the very reason that somebody needs to do something and worry about reelection and the division between these two parties.  This is not a problem that can be kicked down the road.  We haven't done anything.

RUSH:  And they continued.  Caddell wasn't quite finished.

CADDELL:  I think right now the dominant instinct in this country, if they had an alternative, would be to throw them all out.  I think the political elite has failed the country.  I think a serious -- you know, I think a candidate -- you know, people laugh, I think a Donald Trump could do well.  I think anybody -- I could name you half a dozen people that could do well in challenging this.  Right now the American people are saying the political leadership of this country has failed and all they care about is beating up on each other.  No one seems to have an idea about reversing the decline, whether it's in our economy or jobs.  But we're going broke.  These people are saying, "We can just keep putting it off."  The American people sense disaster coming.

RUSH:  Yeah, and he takes it a step further, even.  There's a print piece somewhere in our stack where Caddell expands on this whole notion that people sense disaster.  And I think he's got a point.  There is a sense of unease.  There is a sense of this is not how things get done in this country.  This is not how things happen in this country.  Now, you could sit there and blame both parties if you want.  I'm somewhat sympathetic to that in the sense that both parties are of the establishment, both parties in Washington.  And they're interested in preserving the establishment. 

I understand that and I do believe that there are several high-ranking Republicans who do not think the country's in dire consequences.  I don't think they believe as you and I do that we are at a moment in time where the country hangs in the balance.  I don't think they think that at all.  Just don't.  They're not acting like it, and that's what Caddell is addressing here.



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