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Newt is Right on This: Drill for Oil Here!


RUSH: We'll start with Vinny in Manhattan.  Vinny, welcome to the EIB Network.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  Happy Thanksgiving first off to you and your family.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.  Same to you, Vinny.

CALLER:  Thank you.  Listen, Newt's really made a believer out of me the past month, and I do agree with you, I know Newt has put some thought into his immigration policy.  I heard him specifically say that he was all for enforcing the borders and policing them.  I also heard him say his immigration policy wasn't an amnesty policy.  And I did not hear him say the word "citizenship."  He referred to a program or a website or an organization, some kind of plan.  My mind is failing me as to what it was.  But you had mentioned a few years ago, and you're absolutely right, no candidate is gonna come into office and throw 11 million people out of country if just for the pictures alone that the mainstream media would provide at the border as they're going over to the other side.  To me, Newt has presented one of the more realistic plans of what exactly is going to happen with illegal immigration in this country.  We're not going to throw all these people out.  Yes, some of them are going to go.  But the majority of them are going to be made citizens eventually, or --

RUSH:  Right. Vinny, I want to dig deeper with you here.  What is it that Newt's done in the past month that's caused you to reassess?  Because I have a friend who lives in Hawaii who, I mean the last two years has been Palin Palin Palin Palin Palin.  If Palin doesn't run, country's finished, nobody else has the guts, nobody else has the gonads, Palin Palin.  Now I got a note from my friend late last night, "Who woulda thought, I can't believe, I'm starting to see that Newt looks good, what's happening, Rush?"  He wanted me to explain to him why he likes Newt.  What's happened in the past month that's caused you to reassess Newt here?  I'm not challenging.  I'm just curious.  There's no wrong answer here.  Don't misinterpret my tone.  I'm not interrogating like Perry Mason.  I just want to know.

CALLER:  Sure.  It's gonna take me a minute or so to tell you, but, first off, Newt's been consistently brilliant with his answers.  He knows government.  Quite frankly, Newt's made it almost fashionable in a way to say, "Hey, guess what, I am a government insider, look what I know," and it shines every time he opens his mouth on that debate platform.  He has a plan, he has history, and he dealt with the problem in the past.  He has the knowledge, and it shows.  Number two, certain candidates if you remember I was a Rick Perry fan before he came into the debate and showed that he's just falling apart at the seams --

RUSH:  I thought even Perry did well last night.

CALLER:  Well, he did last night, but he's not consistent like Newt. He has put his foot in his mouth so many times in the last month and a half that it's hard to see him as president.  And so goes it for all of them to some degree.  Romney for the most part, most of us conservatives don't trust him.

RUSH:  Yeah, I know --

CALLER:  And that's why Romney doesn't get over 30% and he's not going to get over 30% unless and until it becomes obvious that he is the only game in town.

RUSH:  Vinny, I gotta tell you something.  One minor disagreement, including Santorum.  Santorum was good last night.  Santorum kicked butt.  I could see, and I'm not doing this in a vacuum, we have an obvious comparison.  Obama is in the White House.  I would take any of these people.  Any of these people look presidential compared to Obama, any of them would be a 100% improvement, any of them over Obama. (interruption) Well, well, well, wait.  What are you reacting for?  Oh, well, yes of course, a couple people don't have a prayer.  You get my drift here.  When you say -- and Vinny, again, don't take this personally -- when you say you can't see Perry in the White House, I can, if the choice is Obama-Perry, I can see Perry. I can see 'em all there. 

I know these people's hearts are all in the right place and I know that they are all patriots, and I know that they appreciate and love the Constitution and swear to defend and protect it.  I know they do not want to transform this country to something it's not.  I know that they don't look at this country as guilty.  I know that they don't look at this country as a suspect.  I know that none of them look at this country as something that needs to be cut down to size.  I know that none of them look at this country and see it as immoral.  Not like the current occupant, and not like his party.  He's not the only one.  There's a bunch of people in his party that have this negative view of this country.  In fact, way too many of 'em.  Vinny, thanks for the call. 

Talking about Newt, there was another moment in the debate last night that, Newt has his moments of brilliance, you have to admit it, you can't deny it, and one of those moments was the discussion of the defense budget and the obligatory left-wing question, "How much of defense would you cut," so forth and so on, and then energy.  I forget the exact question, but Newt said it takes 15 to 20 years to develop a weapons system when it takes Apple nine months to update technology.  He was exactly right in terms of what the private sector can do versus the obliterated and bogged down public sector.  And then the whole subject of energy independence, this was even better.  Wolf Blitzed who, by the way, did you hear Herman Cain called him Blitz?  I loved that.  I absolutely loved it.  I had to stop and rewind it, make sure I had heard that.  Did he just call him Blitz or Blitzed?  I was hoping it was Blitzed.  So I rewound it and I found out it was Blitz.  And Wolf, to his credit, came back and called him Cain a couple times. 

But the matter of energy independence and Blitzer had this tired and worn-out lament that it would just take too many years to develop US energy resources that we don't have those kinds of years, and Gingrich said, well, the question you just asked is perfect, because the fact is we ought to have a massive all-sources energy program in this country designed to once again create a surplus of energy here so that we can say to the Europeans perfectly cheerfully that all the various sources of oil we have in the United States we could literally replace the Iranian oil if we had sanctions on it.  The whole subject of what to do with Iran came up. The Europeans need their oil.  If you sanction their central bank, then the Europeans are not gonna have any oil, and Newt said, (paraphrasing) "So let 'em get it from us.  That's how we won World War II.  We didn't have to go to anybody else for our oil."  He made a good point.  He said, "I'm tired of all of the tactical discussions that we're having here.  What we need is a grand strategy, and our strategy where energy is concerned is to develop our own." 

Do you realize what we could do with our economy if we just opened up drilling everywhere there's oil in this country?  We wouldn't need to worry about what the Iranians are doing with theirs or what OPEC is doing.  We've got more oil than we know what to do with if we would just go get it.  We're getting bogged down here in tactics.  What we need is an overarching strategy.  How we won World War II.  We weren't dependent on anybody else.  We had seen to it that we had what we needed, and that if any of our allies got short-changed we were able to supply them.  Now, the reason that it sounds so brilliant and so intelligent is because what we're doing now, our energy policy now is, frankly, absurd.  We're killing off our own energy sector; shutting down our own production; shutting down our own discovery; shutting down our own drilling, for a host of reasons, chief among them, a hoax:  global warming and pollution.  Making ourselves vulnerable to world supplies, political circumstances, price variations, all of these things. 

We're not acting like a superpower.  We're acting like a needy, defensive, no- confidence little child because we don't have the right strategies.  We don't think enough of ourselves as a country at the highest levels.  He was exactly right about it.  "The question you asked is perfect because the fact is we ought to have a massive all-sources energy program in the US designed to once again create a surplus of energy here so we can say to the Europeans pretty cheerfully that all the various sources of oil we have here we could literally replace the Iranian oil if you get cut off because we impose sanctions on their central bank.  That's how we won World War II."  It's a throw-away line, not a whole lot of people heard it, but it was a great close. "That's how we won World War II."  Of course that's something that we were very serious about.



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