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Black Friday Barely as Obamaville Retailers Struggle

RUSH: Talking about Black Friday, I had a couple stories in the stack yesterday I didn't get to. Forget Black Friday; do you realize that there are certain stores opening at midnight Thursday? I think Target is one of them. Is Best Buy and some others? Their employees are not happy about it. I must tell you, I wouldn't want to have to go to work at midnight in a retail outlet. All of these people are "in food comas," we did the story yesterday. I know, it's Obamaville, and they should be thankful they've got jobs. I understand it, and when the boss says the doors are open, I understand. I'm just telling you that some employees are resisting it. You know, Black Friday is melding into black Thursday. There's another thing. I forget where I read this this morning.

It was the New York Post business section. That while they are expecting record sales across the fruited plain on Black Friday. They're not expecting much profit because they have had lower prices so much for a bunch of reasons. A, not everybody has a lot of money; B, competitors are lowering prices to attract the crowd; and a lot of people are saying, "We're just basically here at break-even in our pricing, but that they've got no profit." So it's a buying opportunity for people because they're not expecting price supports that would indicate profit. Anyway, I just thought I'd throughout that out in case that might change your mind on shopping.

CBO Confirms: The Stimulus Was a Slush Fund

RUSH: We beat this one by a week. Story hits the Washington Times. "Congressional Budget Office: Obama Stimulus Hurts Economy in the Long Run -- The Congressional Budget Office on Tuesday downgraded its estimate of the benefits of President Obama's 2009 stimulus package, saying it may have sustained as few as 700,000 jobs at its peak."
Sustained, not created. Basically I guess saved, but even that is smoke and mirrors. That's public sector, exactly right.

"CBO said that while the Recovery Act," the slush fund, "boosted the economy in the short run, the extra debt that the stimulus piled up 'crowds out' private investment and 'will reduce output slightly in the long run -- by between 0 and 0.2 percent after 2016.'" And remember, these are fudged numbers. It's much, much worse. So even now the CBO, way too many years too late, it was bogus. The whole premise was a lie. It was indeed a slush fund, a money-laundering scheme, crony donorism, Porkulus, whatever you want to call it. It was not an economic stimulus bill. And that's from the precious and bipartisan or nonpartisan, whatever they say, Congressional Budget Office.

Rain Shuts Down LaGuardia

RUSH: Folks, they've closed LaGuardia airport in New York because of rain.  I have never heard of that.  Now, I've heard of closing LaGuardia for snow and high winds and all that, and let me tell you something.  I know what they're afraid of.  They're afraid of people getting on airplanes and waiting on 'em for hours and hours not being to get out of there and they don't want that to happen.  I was stuck on a shuttle to Washington at LaGuardia for five hours.  I'll tell you this little story.  This was back in the late eighties.  I was going to Washington with the EIB team.  We had a meeting with WMAL, might have been early '90s.  And we're flying down to Washington on the shuttle, it's a 45 minute trip, and I forget, might have been a Delta shuttle.

Well, back then it might have been Pan Am. I'm not sure which it was back then, but regardless, we pushed back, start taxiing out, and the pilot says that there's a temporary stop because of a squall line of thunderstorms that is approaching Washington.  "It won't be very long, the storms move out of there, and air traffic control will clear us."  And we sat there for four hours, four hours.  And we're watching the clock tick by, "Well, we still have a chance to get down there in time for this meeting."  I'm trying to think, did we have cell phones then?  There were, but how miniature were they?  I don't remember if we were able to tell people at WMAL we were running late.  Don't remember. 

At any rate, nothing happened for four hours.  We're on the airplane, and the pilot says after four hours, "Folks, we're gonna taxi back into the gate and reprovision the aircraft," 'cause we've gone through all the crackers and peanuts and soft drinks, and there was a passenger revolt.  They wanted to get off the airplane.  We all wanted off.  We didn't want to reprovision.  What are we gonna do, reprovision with crackers and peanuts and head back out to the runway to wait some more?  Nobody wanted that.  And we got off the airplane.  We said, "To hell with them."  We went to Ben Benson's or Patsy's, I forget which it was for dinner.  We had to reschedule the WMAL meeting.  I know what it's like to sit on these airplanes.  It had to be before 1992.  I know that.  But I've never heard of LaGuardia being closed for rain.  Weather-related travel problems on get away day, just saw it on PMSNBC. PMSNBC just said LaGuardia closed because of rain, and they've got a reporter out there.

MoveOn.org Puts Out Tips to Correct Rush's "Lies" at Thanksgiving Dinner

RUSH: Diana, the editrix say of the Limbaugh Letter, just sent me something that's hilarious, and when I first saw it I thought, "Well, maybe they're gonna try to counter what I'm saying about Thanksgiving."  MoveOn.org has put out a five-page reminder to all of their subscribers.

Dear MoveOn member,
Americans are talking about the economy—a lot. They're talking about Occupy Wall Street and the Super Committee, about an economy that only works for the 1% and about unemployment.

But thanks to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, lots of talk about the economy means lots of misinformation about the economy.

So if you're spending this Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family, and want to be ready with the facts to gently correct any myths you hear (they are family and friends, after all), we put together a short guide with five common myths you might hear and easy-to-remember facts to respond to them.

Remember that you're the most important source of information for your family and friends, so check it out and then share it on Facebook or Twitter, or just forward this email. Happy Thanksgiving, and of course, thanks for all you do.

And there are five things here that they claim that I and Fox News lie about that they want their readers to understand.  Myth number one:  The congressional Super Committee failed because both sides refuse to compromise.  Myth number two:  Nobody knows what Occupy Wall Street's about.  Number three:  Occupiers should stop protesting and just get a job.  Number four:  Occupy Wall Street's intent on provoking violence, especially against banks and the police.  Myth five:  The biggest crisis facing our country is out of control government spending.

Those are the five myths that they want their readers to be able to refute over the Thanksgiving holiday.  These are the five lies that I and Fox News spread, polluting the minds of innocent Americans.  This is hilarious.  I thought when I first saw it that what they were actually going to do was counter and accuse me of lying about the real story of Thanksgiving, which I wouldn't doubt if they did someday.  "Limbaugh's real story of Thanksgiving is myth number six."  Anyway, I'm not gonna waste time here giving you details what they say 'cause it's all a bunch of misinformed lies and propaganda, absolute, total BS.  I am my own shredder.

Harrisburg Cannot Seek Bankruptcy, Judge Says

RUSH: The city of Harrisburg Pennsylvania, a federal judge has told them they cannot seek bankruptcy protection.  That is illegal.  Lot of cities are gonna try this.  A federal judge, Harrisburg, can't do it.  They have been done in by EPA rules.  It's why they're trying to file for bankruptcy, but they can't do it.


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