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Question: What Has Fed More Hungry Mouths, Greed (Self-Interest) or Charity?


RUSH: Here's John in Indianapolis. John, great that you called, glad to have you on the program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, First Pick of the Draft dittos from Indianapolis.

RUSH: Yeah. Yes, yes.

CALLER: Unfortunately.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I'm really gonna make your caller mad because you know how the press decries the growing gap between rich and poor? The truth is that when that gap grows, so does the economy as a whole and opportunity for the poor; and when it shrinks, it does so because the rich are getting poorer and that helps nobody.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Yet, if we state that truth, we're "insensitive to the needs of the poor;" and I know you constantly confront these people, but it's pervasive in the press and it's kind of a tough argument to make, but I think we have to make that effort.

RUSH: I agree with you, but it's one of these things. Our argument is one rooted in thought. Our argument's one rooted in thinking; theirs is rooted in emotion. It's so much easier to establish an emotional link to people. That's why liberalism owns this notion that it's compassionate, when it's the exact opposite. What's compassionate about 47% of the country out of work? What is compassionate about that? They say the compassionate is, "Oh, the government's taking care of 'em with food stamps, unemployment compensation. The government's feeding them. We care!" No, you're destroying their lives, for crying out loud. There's no compassion in this whatsoever. You're exactly right when the wage gap grows, the economy's growing. When it shrinks, the economy is shrinking. You're exactly right. But to say that, "Why, that sounds insensitive! Sounds like you're in favor of the rich getting richer, and everybody knows that that's not fair." That's how it works.

CALLER: Well, envy is as big a sin as greed, you know, and unfortunately they all seem to be very envious.

RUSH: Well, that's true. The problem with that is there are people capitalized on it. You know it's envy, jealousy. Those have been around as long as there have been human beings, but you now have people that capitalize on that, try to advance an agenda, which they've done for a long time. I mean, look, Barack Obama has come to divide, and he's done a bang-up job of it. The thing about this "gap" is -- or fact of the matter is -- it's always going to grow. Zero doesn't change.
Top salaries are always gonna go up. Zero doesn't change. The wage gap is always gonna be there.

There are always gonna be people not making something at some point in their lives and you factor that into the gap. Zero never changes. So the gap between people making zero money will always grow as salaries are always increasing. Some salaries are. Salaries somewhere are increasing. The gap is always going to grow. The truth is that nobody makes zero dollars. The government payment to the poor, that's always increasing, too. There isn't anybody out there that makes zero. What do you think has fed more mouths, greed or charity? Really, you think that? What do you think, folks? What do you think? What has fed more mouths? I don't care if you talk this country or the world.

Whatever subset of people you want to talk about, what has fed more people, greed or charity? (interruption) "Freedom" is not an option. It's a multiple choice question with two possibilities: Greed or charity. (interruption) That's right: Greed! Greed has fed more mouths than charity ever could. If you don't like the word "greed," use "self-interest." (interruption) See, Dawn's in there saying, "You shouldn't say 'greed.' It's just gonna make people think you have no heart, and people are gonna think that you're all for suffering. Don't say 'greed.'" Okay, self-interest, then. (interruption) "There, that's better." Okay. Self-interest versus charity. Self-interest will feed more mouths every time it's tried. It's not even close.



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